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20 Signs You Go To SFA

20 Signs You Go To SFA

Keep reading for 20 signs you go to SFA, and you will definitely be able to relate, whether you're a current student, past alumni, or incoming freshman!

Current students, past alumni, and incoming freshman all love being able to relate to the same signs that they attend or attended a school together. Stephen F. Austin State University students are no exception! Keep reading for 20 signs you go to SFA, and you will definitely be able to relate!

1. When you will almost accept a parking ticket before parking in the commuter lot.


2. When parking becomes a strategic process, such that if you do not plan down to the minute, you will not be parking in the garage.

And you will be spending a total of 20-30 minutes finding parking elsewhere.


3. Plain and simple: If you’re not an early bird, you will not be parking in the parking garage.

Even though students far outnumber teachers, you will come to realize that there is more parking for faculty and staff than there is for students.


4. When other schools cannot hold a candle to the gorgeous piney woods scenery that is SFA.

5. When you have to explain where you go to school multiple times to your family’s friends.

Because no one knows where Nacogdoches is.


6. North Street is where tires go to DIE.

7. Even if you look at a weather app on your phone, you’re still bound to be caught in the rain.

8. When your school brands athletic champions: Thomas Walkup, need I say more?

9. When going to your actual gym at home is extremely disappointing in comparison to the SFA Recreational Center.

10. When you scream “SFASU” at the end of the Alma Mater.

11. When you find the best friends {of your life}.

They understand how to handle you when you are delirious from studying or just need a pick-me-up.

12. When you have a meal plan and stock up on plastic silverware and bananas.

13. When you come into your freshman year being dead set on a major…

…just to change it mid sophomore year, but then realizing it was for the best.


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14. When moving off campus and away from the dorms was the best thing that ever happened to you.

15. When class sizes are so small that you get the privilege of being close to professors.

You are able to visit them in their office hours for help.

16. When you get over the top excited for the homecoming bonfire.



17. When you will sacrifice your life for extra credit.

18. When you occasionally find a pine needle stuck to the bottom of your shoe.


19. When walking through the arboretum is the most therapeutic experience.

20. When you almost get run over by a bicycle on daily basis during your walk to class.


What are some other signs you go to SFA? Comment below and share this article with current or past students!
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