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20 Signs You Go To Roanoke College

20 Signs You Go To Roanoke College

20 Signs You Go To Roanoke College

1. Roanoke College orientation week was the only time you went downtown, until you were 21.

And the school paid for it.

2. Cocktail parties mean something completely different while you’re in school.

3. You either know of and love Rooney the Hawk…

…or you have no idea that Roanoke now has a mascot.


4. You get out of bed on the weekends to have brunch at the commons.

Even when you don’t have a meal plan.


5. The same is true on chicken tendies and mac and cheese day.

6. You’ve gone to the famous (to us at least) Roanoke Star.

On more than one occasion.

7. Whenever you hear the word Boston, you first think of a calzone instead of the city.

Thanks to Mac N’ Bobs.

8. Classes are hard, like really hard.

9. You’ve taken a selfie on one of Roanoke College’s surrounding mountains.

It’s almost a rite of passage.


10. Junior year angst is due to one thing…

Whether or not you get picked in the lottery to be allowed to move off campus.

11. Bow ties are an actual fashion statement.

12. You currently have 2 or more Macado’s schooner glasses in your own cabinet.

13. You DO NOT miss the President’s Ball.

No matter how many fancy parties Roanoke College has.

14. You can count on seeing 15 of your closest friends at Sheetz down the street.

At 3 in the morning. On any day of the week.


15. There are 2 camps your freshman year, depending on how new your dorms are:

Crawford-Marion-Bartlett VS Blue Ridge- Shenandoah – Tabor

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16. You would be shocked by the fact that Greek life only makes up 25% of the student population.

If you aren’t involved in Greek life, your best friend is, or the girl/guy that sits next to you in every class is.


17. The lacrosse team is basically the equivalent of a Big 10 school’s football team.

At least in the eyes of Roanoke College students.

18. Wednesdays night out are just as important as Friday and Saturdays.

Again, thanks to Mac N’ Bobs giving out free wings at midnight….with ranch, always ranch.

19. You look forward to senior year – dinner at the President’s house.

And getting to write your name on his bookcase.


20. The friends you make at Roanoke College will be your best friends throughout your life.

No matter how long ago you graduated.
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