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20 Signs You Go To Purdue

20 Signs You Go To Purdue

Purdue is known for its strong academics, accomplished alumni, and its grand and often weird traditions. From yelling obscenities about IU to drinking way too many Den Pops, you can spot a Purdue student from a mile away. Keep reading to discover these twenty signs you go to Purdue!

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1. You have a love/hate relationship with PAL 3.0.

The mere mention of PAL 3.0 probably makes you want to die. The universal wifi for Purdue’s campus has its up and downs and while it improves each year, sometimes you still have to find that one corner in your dorm where the wifi connection is strong enough to Skype.



2. You hate construction.

We love the new buildings on campus but construction is extremely inconvenient and adds about 10 minutes to our walk to class no matter where we are.



3. Sloop is life…and death.

Everyone knows that the silver loop is the best bus to take to get to campus quickly but everyone also knows when to avoid it. On rainy or snowy days, the silver loop is the equivalent to a sardine can.


4. You desperately miss Orange Leaf.

Since that boy rammed his car through orange leaf in 2014, you’ve been feeling the void. And while Red Mango is a decent substitute for Orange Leaf, it’s just not the same.



5. You hate the dining court lines.

The downside of attending one of the best schools in the Midwest is that EVERYONE wants to attend. Purdue accepts more and more freshman each year and unfortunately, that means even busier dining courts. The lines are sometimes out the door and down the street and you have to schedule your meal times around the rush.

6. You’re holding out for basketball season

All Purdue Students know that football season isn’t usually that great but that our basketball team has made it to March Madness on several occasions and the players are basically celebrities.



7. You carry an umbrella and jacket with you everywhere you go.

Indiana weather is unpredictable, it looks like there’s a hurricane outside one minute then a calm sunny day the next. It’s better to be prepared.

8. You’ve gone sledding on Slayter Hill.

Come wintertime when fresh snow settles on the ground, Purdue students know what time it is. It’s time to sled down Slayter! Whether you steal a tray from the dining court, blow up a pool float or bring the couch from your apartment, sledding down Slayter Hill is a tradition that you can do with any resources available.


9. You’ve taken a ride on the Boilermaker Special.

Boilermakers love taking a ride on our mobile mascot to show school pride or as a relaxing activity to do on a Friday afternoon.


10. You’ve partied it up during Grand Prix week.

The race is for the racers but the parties are for everyone. During Grand Prix week there are so many opportunities to party in the daytime or nighttime and people go all out. It’s definitely a week to remember though, many Purdue students would say that week is always a little blurry.


11. You’ve complained about cornfields more than once.

We just do. West Lafayette is in the middle of nowhere and it’s a normal topic of conversation to bring up how isolated it is and how it’s surrounded by cornfields. At least we don’t have to travel far to visit a corn maze in October.


12. You yell “IU sucks” on every occasion.

Whether you’re at a Purdue sports game, driving down the highway and see an IU sticker or just want to make a new friend on campus, yelling IU sucks is the best thing to do every time.


13. You’ve had a Den Pop.

Most freshman were introduced to The Den during BGR but many students just visit The Den all the time for their gigantic cheap drinks and to try all the combinations on the Den Pop wall.


14. You have a billion Cactus cups.

Many upperclassmen frequent The Neon Cactus on thirsty Thursdays and have a collection of the iconic multicolored cups.


15. You tried to make Neil Armstrong’s moon jump.

One step for man, one giant step for Purdue students. The stone replicas of Neil Armstrongs first steps on the moon sit outside the Armstrong building and are fun to try to jump, especially the last one because it’s the furthest. Several students have tried to make it but only a few have actually succeeded.

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16. You took a picture in front of the arch.

The “Gateway to the Future” arch gifted by the class of 1958 and 1959 has become a picture must for new boilermakers and graduating seniors alike. If you haven’t taken a picture in front of it yet, it’s a given that you will.



17. You stole a bike or had your bike stolen.

Purdue has many amazing students but the bike stealers are not among them. Most students know that if you don’t lock your bike or secure it somehow, a group of students with way too much time on their hands might “secure” it for you…in a tree.

18. You put something in Amelia Earhart’s hand.

After having a meal in Earhart dining court it’s only customary to slip a banana in Amelia’s hand, out of respect.

19. You’ve taken a picture with one or all of the statues.

You’re definitely a Purdue student if you have ever stopped to take a selfie with Neil, Amelia, John or even the Purdue “P.”




20. You did a fountain run.

Again, this is a BGR must, but many students do it each year. The fountain runs are somewhat of a christening into the new school year, mostly because it’s only warm enough at the beginning of the school year to do it.



Can you relate to these twenty signs you go to Purdue? Comment below!
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