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20 Signs You Go To Penn State

20 Signs You Go To Penn State

While this humorous top 10 is pretty specific to Penn Staters, I hope you can relate no matter what University/College you go to! Here are 10 things every PSU student asks themselves.

College is pretty universally four years of unopened textbooks, new friendships, nonstop parties and too many experiences to count. Still, for the students who chose Happy Valley for their further education, a few traditions and landmarks define their time spent at Penn State.

cool Penn State stadium pic

1. “We are” only has one response.

“Penn State!” soon follows anytime you hear the words “we are,” whether you’re in the football stadium or out to dinner. And not giving the appropriate response just feels wrong.


cute penn state artwork

2. Your closet is mainly navy and white.

Wearing blue and white symbolizes more than just the school colors. You bleed blue and white and your clothes reflect your school spirit. You make room for the sweatshirts, t-shirts, hats, sweatpants, mittens, and socks, no matter how stuffed your closet already is.

cute Penn State shirt


3. You have a picture with the Nittany Lion.

Your crowning moment was when you were finally lucky enough to get a picture with the mascot (and it’s still your profile picture). You also get points if you have a picture with the famous lion statue.

cool Penn State lion pic

4. THON is your favorite event of the year.

And FTK is the most important acronym you know. Staying on your feet for 48 hours has never been more fun or more rewarding, and it restores your faith in humanity.

cool THON pic

5. You’ve experienced hailing a ride during football weekends.

What’s the point of having all the local cab numbers on speed dial? You know no one’s going to pick up during football weekends. Even Uber hits you with that crazy surge during this time of need. Although there are a few options for transportation, no doubt it’s a cruel world.

funny Mean Girls gif

6. The waffle shop is your go-to hangover cure.

Breakfast (or brunch) just isn’t the same anywhere else. You can count on seeing that guy from the party last night there too, because where else would all the hungover kids be?


delicious waffles!

7. The creamery has stolen your heart.

There is no bad flavor. You’re convinced.

yummy ice cream!


8. You’ve navigated the HUB like a pro.

It took a little bit of practice, but you can finally walk around and know where you’re going. Plus you’re prepared for next time you go to Times Square, because its population density is basically the same.

funny the Office gif

9. Football games are the highlight of your week.

Tailgating is taken to a whole new level in Happy Valley and it’s basically the only thing that gets you through the week. Cheering your team on with your friends is the only acceptable way to spend a Saturday.


cool football stadium pic Penn State

10. Canyon Pizza is the reason for your freshman 15.

And your sophomore 15. And your junior 15.

yummy pizza!


11. The Willard Preacher has called you out for your sins.

What better way to spend an afternoon than sitting in front of the Willard building and hearing about all the reasons you’re going to hell?

Reese Witherspoon gif

12. People from Ohio and Michigan are automatic enemies.

Just don’t trust them.


can't trust Leo gif

13. You think marching band is actually cool.

Those halftime shows take forever to put together and playing during the game is the best way to get the crowd energized. Marching band has never been cooler.

cool Penn State marching band pic


14. You’ve had the Wawa vs. Sheetz debate at some point.

You know all of your debate points better than the notes you were supposed to study for that test tomorrow.

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15. You’ve never actually been in Old Main.

You’ve played Frisbee on the lawn and rallied in front of it, but you’ve never set foot inside of the building. For all you know, it’s filled with puppies.

beautiful Old Main Penn State

16. The elevator in your dorm made you late to class at least once.

They just never work.


funny RHONY elevator gif

17. You see somebody you know everywhere you go.

You go to a school with 40,000 people and you still see people you know on your way to class. It’s like a magic trick.

cute Kristen Bell wave gif


18. McLanahan’s took too much of your money.

You’re not even upset about it.

money gif

19. You don’t know the alma mater, but you sing it on game day anyway.

There’s nothing like a stadium full of people singing the Alma Mater to make you feel right at home.


cool Lady Gaga singing at Superbowl gif

20. You would defend Penn State to anyone.

You couldn’t be prouder of your school and you love being a Nittany Lion. We are!

cool pic of Penn State fans

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