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20 Signs You Go To PC

20 Signs You Go To PC

Whether you are a current, past, or future friar, you probably have a pretty good idea of how amazing Providence College is. Keep reading for 20 signs you go to PC! Anyone can relate!

1. You can pronounce crazy Irish words like Meagher and Slavin.

2. You wear PC gear all day, every day.

3. You actually know what a Friar is.

4. You can recite western history automatically because of Civ.

5. Your life basically revolves around Civ for two years – and even after you finish colloquium, it haunts you.


6. You NEVER step on the circle outside the chapel, and die a little bit inside when you see a tour group walking over it.

7. You own at least one thing from vineyard vines, even if it’s only a free decal for your computer.

8. You’re a pro at public transit because of the free RIPTA rides.

9. You complain about Guzman hill to anyone who will listen.

10. Friarbucks and Take3 hold a dear place in your heart (because they help you get away from Ray).

11. You are convinced that Ray food has laxatives in it.

12. You still talk about the hockey national championship and the “riots” that ensued.

13. If Fran or Dot knows your name, it is headline news and you tell EVERYONE about it.

14. Big Tony’s, LiLi Wok, and Ronzio’s have saved you before by delivering food at 1 am.

15. The Yuck Truck is your guilty pleasure (every weekend).


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16. You have been personally victimized by a PC squirrel.

17. You venture out to La Salle Bakery at least once a month (week) to get the best coffee around.


18. You 100% agree with the national poll that Friar Dom is the creepiest mascot in the nation.

19. You proudly brag about being from Friartown and as soon as you leave for breaks, you want to go back.

20. You never ever, ever, truly leave PC because you are Forever a Friar.

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