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20 Signs You Go To Ohio University

20 Signs You Go To Ohio University

1. You are familiar with the phrase, “You know that is a party school?”

When you were accepted to Ohio University, your family immediately started to remind you that Ohio University is very well known for being a party school. “How will you ever get any work done??” “All the students do there is party!”


2. Ohio University. NOT Ohio State University.

When you announce your decision there is always the person who says “Oh you mean Ohio State University” No! we mean Ohio University. You know, in ATHENS.

3. Halloween is not just for little kids anymore.

All students at Ohio University know you better start planning your costume a year in advance for the HUGE block party. That’s right, Court Street filled with all those drunk college kids your mom warned you about.

4. When you’re at a game and someone yells OU…

You know the only correct response is OH YEAH!

5. Spring semester = Fest season.

Numbers fest, Palmer Fest, Palmer Place Fest, Mill Fest, High Fest…Yes, we love our fests!

6. Athens becomes home.

You aren’t as excited to go home for Christmas break as you are to return to school when the break finally ends.


7. You have AT LEAST one OU shirt.

We love our school and our bobcat family – and we aren’t ashamed to show it!

8. Big Mama’s = better than Chipotle.

When someone says burritos you have to consider Big Mama’s.

9. MARCHING ONE TEN: Award winning!

We love and support our band. It’s actually one of the only reason we attend games.

10. You own a Muck Fiami tee shirt.

11. You know how to get to Bong Hill.

12. You hate the words Jeff and Morton.

UGH I hate walking up those hills. I always think “Just do it for the legs. Just do it for the legs!”

13. You can tell others more about drinks than most bartenders.

We take our alcohol seriously.

14. You know they send the horse patrolmen when the streets are crowded.


How are those sneaky devils so efficient? “Excuse me ma’am can I have a quarter?”

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16. What would follow this parking dilemma except for being TOWED!

Everyone in Athens has been towed at one point.

17. Coffee shop runs.

Everyone needs their fix. Donkey coffee has some great hot chocolate with a mellow scene and even open mic nights…how could you say no to that?!

18. Home is only spelled one way to a bobcat.

>>> hOUme

19. We take family seriously.

As a bobcat we are always looking out for other bobcats.

20. You know there is no place like hOUme!

No matter your status in school, student or alum, you know there is no place like Ohio University…there’s just no place like hOUme.


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