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20 Signs You Go To Northern Arizona University

20 Signs You Go To Northern Arizona University

20 Signs You Go To Northern Arizona University

Whether you’re currently attending Northern Arizona University or have already graduated, you will definitely be able to relate to these 20 signs!

1. 65 degrees is officially shorts weather to you.

2. You own at least 4 flannels that look pretty much exactly the same.

3. You’ve definitely tried slack lining at least once. Don’t even try to lie about it.

4. Your Instagram is #GOALS because let’s be honest we have one of the most gorgeous campuses.

5. You look forward to the arrival of the hot Australian rugby players every year.

6. You know that one Orientation Leader that everyone’s had a crush on at some point (including you). You know, THE ONE.

7. You’ve (probably) had your fair share of sloppy nights at The Grove.


8. You know there’s no better place for stargazing than your campus.

9. You’ve been stuck behind a funeral procession going through campus. This most likely happened on the day of an exam too.

10. You’ve had to venture out into a blizzard for an exam at least once. (Thanks Rita)

11. You’d choose REI and Babbit’s over Victoria’s Secret and Hollister any day.

12. You’re very protective over Pluto’s status as a planet. Considering it was discovered at Lowell Observatory right here in Flagstaff.

13. You know #thestruggle of getting on the buses at SBS.

14. You’ve definitely gone to The Wedge at 2 am on a school night because you just really wanted pizza.

(And you’ve probably made many interesting friends while there.)

15. You’ve had that one professor who wears Birks everyday.

16. You’re very familiar with the Lumbersexual trend.


17. You get excited at the first snow of the year every year.

18. You love watching ASU and U of A fight over who’s better.

And you know they don’t bother with NAU because we’re clearly the best.


19. If you’re ever bored, you know a new adventure is always right around the corner.

Whether it be Sedona, Fossil Creek, Walnut Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, or Snowbowl. You can never be bored with so many amazing sights right at your fingertips.

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20. You’ve learned the hard way to avoid Milton like the plague on the weekends.

You’ve since learned every possible back street to get through town.

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