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20 Signs You Go To Miami University

Whether you currently attend Miami University or have already graduated, you will definitely be able to relate to these 20 signs!

1. Drop dead beautiful, skinny girls consume the campus.

You see them running, or when they just get done with a workout, and think to yourself how is it even possible to look like you haven’t been touched while you’re sitting over here looking like a monster from Monsters Inc.  They’re everywhere and there is no escaping it.

2. You have to own monogrammed everything.

Your purse, your hat, your rain jacket, oh and don’t forget your sorority shirts.

3. You CANNOT step on the seal!

Rumors have it if you step on the seal you fail your next exam, get an STD by the next person you sleep with, or have a bad hair day. No one really knows what happens but just don’t do it.


4. Your dedication to the Brotherhood.

You might have never watched a hockey game in your life but when they yell “Sieve” you yell “Sieve”. 


5. You think Green Beer Day is just slightly better than Christmas.

You go to bed just to wake up at 2 am to your wonderful alarm letting you know it’s officially green beer day. What a time to be alive while wearing green everything and drinking till you puke.

6. Beat The Clock is more than a day drinking social event for you.

You go, you die, you survive, and you go again.

7. You believe cargo shorts are as illegal as the children drinking in them.

Your choice, but if you wear them you can’t sit with us.


8. You understand the Greek alphabet more than the real one.

9. You let every non-Miamian know that Miami University of Ohio was founded before Florida was even a state.

10. You understand that the typical frat guy isn’t a reference, it’s a lifestyle.

Even if you aren’t in a frat you still dress like it.

11. When you drive five minutes out of town and all that surrounds you is just corn, corn, everywhere.

12. You appreciate yoga pants and leggings.

All day, everyday.

13. You know that every night of the week, (especially Thursday,) is treated like a Friday.

…because who doesn’t like to get pitchers?

14. You know that the rate of seeing a girl doing the walk of shame on a Saturday morning is way above 75%.

15. When you don’t call the bars their actual name.

New, Side, Pitchers…

See Also

16. The boundless amount of friends you make in the bathroom.

If you frequent the girl’s bathroom then you know about the limitless amount of girls you’ve become bff’s with by just going to the bathroom at Brickstreet.

17. You’ve heard of the infamous “hazing” in fraternities.

Waterboarding and chill?

18. You’re aware that the use of Tinder is real here.

“Oh how did you two meet?” ….. “Tinder hookup.”

19. You know that the top half of the Rec Center is for  cardio girls only.

(Oh, and the occasional dude really working on his figure.)

20. …and the bottom half is a sausage fest.

Bottom half of the Rec Center is known as the sausage fest. All you can hear is “Get it, get it dude,” “Dude you’re strong, look at you do it,” “I just benched 245, call me Big Papa.”
Any other signs you go to Miami University that our readers should know about? Comment below and share this article!
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