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20 Signs You Go To Meredith College

20 Signs You Go To Meredith College

If you ask any Meredith College girl, there are several things that set us apart from other women’s colleges in North Carolina… or the country for that matter. We are different, spontaneous, and full of pride for our precious campus! Keep reading for 20 signs that you DEFINITELY attend Meredith College.

1. Your eyes light up every time you hear the word “Corn”.

One of Meredith’s biggest traditions, Cornhuskin’, brings the entire community together every year. It’s full of excitement and competition (friendly, most of the time). Yes, it’s a little weird for those who have never heard of it, but like every girl on campus says: “You just have to experience it!”

2. You think your life just might be over if you lose your CamCard.

At Meredith, your CamCard is your lifeline and should be treated as such. Without it, you can’t get into residence halls or eat in the dining hall. Do yourself a favor. Treat your CamCard as if it is your child; you won’t regret it.



3. You can’t get away with your professors NOT knowing you.

Meredith is a small campus, and therefore class sizes are usually small as well. Our professors here at Meredith genuinely care about each student and her education, so if you think you’ll just attend a class and get out, you’re surely mistaken.

4. You refer to Meredith as “WONDERLAND”.

“Welcome to Wonderland!” You’ll hear that phrase all over campus, and eventually you’ll start to say it too. It isn’t just Meredith as a place that makes it Wonderland, it’s the people, traditions, and overall love we have for each other here!

5. You fight over which residence hall is the best.

Every girl on campus thinks her residence hall is the best the school has to offer. Whether it’s Poteat, Vann, Stringfield, Faircloth, Brewer, Heliman, or The Oaks, everyone has their own opinion!

6. You’ve gone to Cook-Out at least once.

Oh, Cook-Out, if you only knew just how much Meredith girls love you! You’ve always been there for us… from your milkshakes to your cheese fries. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for not only being so delicious, but for working with our college budgets.

7. People always ask you “Why a women’s college?”

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve been asked this, I wouldn’t even have to go to college because I’D BE A MILLIONAIRE! No, I didn’t choose a women’s college because I didn’t want to be around guys (Meredith has NC State guys for that). No, it’s not because I’m a feminist. I chose to pursue my education at a women’s college (particularly Meredith) because the education I receive here is superb, and the community a women’s college campus provides is outstanding.

8. You’re surrounded by community.

There’s too many words to describe just how wonderful Meredith’s community is. We’re always there for each other. We’re not only a community, we are a true sisterhood. We are family.

9. You’re either in love with your Onyx or you’re longing for your Onyx.

The onyx, Meredith’s class ring, is a true symbol that you’ve officially joined the sisterhood! During your junior year, you finally get to wear the ring on your finger, and that’s a true accomplishment! If you see a young woman at Meredith with an onyx on her finger, know she’s worked extremely hard for it.

10. You’re involved on campus in at least one way.

The great thing about Meredith is that there are countless ways to become involved on campus. From numerous clubs, organizations, and the newspaper (The Meredith Herald), a student can find something that fits her interests!

11. You know Meredith will prepare you to succeed.

Meredith is a top rated women’s college in the United States. We obviously take pride in ourselves as an institution. Everyone at Meredith is here to help a student succeed; from professors, faculty, alumnae, and other current students… we all care!

12. You have a section in your closet just for your Meredith t-shirts.

At Meredith, you’re bound to accumulate lots of Meredith shirts. Before long, you search through your closet and all you see is “Meredith College” everywhere. It’s safe to say that I’ve looked at my closet plenty of the times during the semester, see all the shirts, and say to myself, “Yep, I have a problem.”

13. You build relationships that will last a lifetime.

You’ll meet countless people at Meredith. Some of those people will make such an impression on you that you’ll never forget them even years after graduation. Whether it be your roommate, Big/Little Sis, or the fabulous student advisor(s) you had your freshman year, you’ll not only leave Meredith with a degree; but also with forever friends.

14. You miss campus as soon as you leave.

Meredith is more than just a college. It’s home. And when you leave, you miss it. You miss friends, professors, and the campus itself. Usually after a few weeks away from Meredith, you’re itching to come back.

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15. You can roll out of bed 5 minutes before class and still be on time.

Since Meredith is a small campus, students have the luxury of sleeping until 9:55 and still be on time for that 10:00 class. Yes, we know. It’s awesome.

16. You “complain” about BDH food, but you still stuff yourself with it.

Oh, the wonderful Belk Dining Hall. A lot of students complain about the quality of BDH’s food, but we all know that deep down, we’re going to go back and get that last piece of pizza.

17. You know your GPA doesn’t define you.

We all know grades and our GPA’s are very important for getting that degree. The great thing is, Meredith helps you understand that you’re a lot more than that C in your English class or that 3.5 GPA. Meredith helps students understand that what kind of person they’re turning out to be is just as important as those grades they’re stressing about.

18. You cherish your Big/Little relationship.

The tradition of having a Big/Little at Meredith is one of the greatest. This is one person who you can go to with any problem, who can act like your mother and sister at the same time, and can make your years at Meredith the best years of your life!
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19. You love and hate your RA at the same time.

Ah, the beloved Resident’s Assistant. The person who can make life great and tough. We’ve all had times where we’ve been fed up with her, but then come back and thank her for everything she’s done and had to put up with!

20. You know you made the best decision by coming to Meredith College.

Through the many traditions, excellent professors, wonderful faculty and staff, and those crazy people you call your friends, you can safely say that attending Meredith has changed your life. Since stepping foot on campus, you know there’s nowhere else you’d rather be!
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