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20 Signs You Go To Kansas State University

20 Signs You Go To Kansas State University

Keep reading for 20 signs you go to Kansas State University!

1. You have a new appreciation for buildings.

You know that K-State has castle-like buildings all around campus and when you have class in the couple of buildings that seem different and out of place (*cough* *cough* Bluemont) you feel kind of weird about it.

2. You know the real reason Bluemont looks different than all the other buildings around campus.

…And have a love hate relationship with it.


3. You have at least one picture with Willie the Wildcat!

4. You sometimes randomly see Willie roaming around campus or in a classroom.

Apparently Wildcats love to learn!

5. Dean Pat Bosco is someone you’ve met and idolize.

…And if you haven’t met him you try very hard to.

6. You now know that there is no such thing as too much purple.

Purple shirt? Duh! Purple pants? Yep! Purple hair? Yeah!



7. You know about the free snacks that happen in Hale during finals week.

8. You didn’t know that people outside of K-State weren’t so friendly.

Seriously guys, people at K-State are so nice!


9. You automatically wave every time you see a purple car around campus.

Because you know Bosco is inside.


10. You secretly wish that you would be invited to have dinner with the president and his wife at their house.

Because of all the stories you’ve heard from students who’ve done it. Don’t worry everybody is thinking the same thing.

11. You don’t think twice about the answer when non K-Staters ask why there is a (seemingly) random house on campus.

We know whose house it is!


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12. You were once confused by the giant fork monument on campus but now you just take it all in stride and it’s like, why not?

Nobody really knows why it’s there but hey its okay.


13. Call Hall Ice Cream…. no other words needed.

14. It took you a while to figure out what EMAW and EPAW meant and once you figured it out it made perfect sense.

It’s okay it takes everybody a while to figure it out, you’re not the only one.


15. You know that football game days are a serious thing and basically last from dawn to dusk.

16. You walk around the hill near Waters Hall, it’s not even that steep but you avoid it all costs.

17. You can’t wait for warm weather, not only because winter is brutal in Kansas, but because you can’t wait to see all the different kinds of trees around campus.


18. When the K-state song comes on you automatically start doing the Wabash.

19. You know that K-State has earned its happiest students and most beautiful campus title fair and square.

20. You know that going to K-State means you have a new, very purple family.

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