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20 Signs You Go To Johnson and Wales Providence

20 Signs You Go To Johnson and Wales Providence

1. You “tuition drop” when you get frustrated with Johnson and Wales Providence.

“I pay $30,000 to go here, why is the bus late?!”

2. You know City Burger is life.

After a long day of classes, nothing hits the spot more than a City Burger with a side of fries and an Oreo milkshake.

3. You’re never too concerned about crossing the street.

“That car won’t hit me! But if it does they’ll have to pay my tuition anyway.”


4. You’re a professional when it comes to group projects and presentations.

Working with new people, creating PowerPoint presentations, public speaking without getting nervous- by the end of Freshman year you have all of that down pat.

5. You can basically say we own Karma.

Because we do. That is, the former nightclub “Karma.” In November of 2015 Johnson and Wales Providence dropped a casual $1.6 Million on the nightclub building in downtown Providence and we’re all excited to see how JWU will transform it! (Fingers crossed for another Starbucks…!)

6. You never step on the seal in Gaebe Commons…ever.

When you get off the bus at Gaebe and proceed through the Johnson and Wales Providence grand columns, you’re heading straight towards McNulty- but you make a slight detour to avoid stepping on the JWU seal. Because if you do, you’ll definitely get pregnant.


7. You know that reading days are never actually reading days.

We all know the Monday and Tuesday before finals at JWU Providence are “reading days,” meant for reviewing and studying, but let’s be honest…does that ever actually happen?

8. Trimesters are where it’s at!

As opposed to other colleges that run on an 18 week class schedule per semester, Johnson and Wales Providence runs on a really awesome 11 week class schedule per trimester. (11 weeks x 3 trimesters = 33 weeks of school instead of other students’ 36 weeks of school.) So JWU is basically the bee’s knees.

9. You have club/party promo flyers for days.

Whether it’s French Montana appearing at Lupos, Cardi B at Roxy, Chris Brown at Ultra, or Life in Color coming to town, you can basically paper mache your dorm room with promo flyers at this point.


10. You run on Starbucks.

With three Starbucks on the Johnson and Wales Providence campus and three more in the surrounding area, it’s kind of hard not to.

11. You know how different Harborside and Downcity are.

Only 3 miles apart and the same university, but two completely different worlds.

12. Hockey at the Dunk is the place to be.

You’ve now realized that Hockey at the Dunk can be one of the most exciting and unifying events for Johnson and Wales Providence.


13. What team?! WILDCATS!

From the minute you found out that the Johnson and Wales Providence mascot is a Wildcat, you’ve basically been living in a real life High School Musical. Just without the spontaneous group singing (which we all secretly want to do).

14. You know UIB plans the greatest events on campus.

From Wildcat Welcome to Wildcat Wahoo and everything in between, University Involvement Board keeps us Wildcats entertained all year round at Johnson and Wales Providence.

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15. You’ve heard the word “networking” at least 100,000 times.

“It’s who you know not what you know.” Get out there and make connections! Johnson and Wales Providence is very business oriented and they want you to succeed, so the professors constantly stress how important “networking” is.

 16. Late night is the best.

Especially for when it’s after 8 pm and you’re a starvin’ Marvin. Regardless of whether you’re on Harborside or Downcity of Johnson and Wales Providence, Snowden and Harborview’s late night dining options have saved your life at one point or another.

17. You’re only a hop, skip, and a jump from like, everything.

From the Amtrak, bars, nightclubs, and restaurants to piercing parlors, tattoo shops, and an animal shelter, you’re within walking distance of it all! Going to Johnson and Wales Providence has some serious perks when it comes to connecting with the outside world.


18. School on Fridays? = Nope.

Unless you’re #TeamCulinary, you never have school on Fridays, which all of your non JWU friends are totally jealous of.

19. “Oh you go to JWU? You must be going for Culinary!”

Um…no, not necessarily. While Johnson and Wales Providence has an awesome culinary program, there are such things as other majors.

20. Fried chicken, that is all.

As much as we all may hate waiting in lines, it seems as if the hatred of long lines disappears and Johnson and Wales Providence students have no problem waiting 40 minutes just to get a piece of fried chicken.

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