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20 Signs You Go To JMU

20 Signs You Go To JMU

Whether you’re a current, past, or future student at James Madison University, you will definitely be able to appreciate and relate to these 20 signs you go to JMU!

1. You’ve held doors open for fellow students 1,000 steps behind you.

Admit it, you’ve found yourself holding doors for a stranger who’s literally 1000 steps away from you and you don’t mind doing that. (Even if it means you have 30 seconds to get to 3rd floor of bioscience building…)

2. Your friends think it’s weird that you want to eat at ‘festival’.

We all know festival’s curly fries and flat bread pizza are THE BOMB and our visiting friends fall in love with food there.

3. You’ve always questioned the reason behind the existence of WORLDS LARGEST crack rock that sits in east campus.

Well I’m here to solve the mystery for you. The crack rock is used to promote campus events and is frequently painted for awareness weeks.

4. You die everyday until Thursday comes along because it’s the “Cheesy Thursday” we all love!!!

D hall’s grilled cheese and tomato soup are too good. And if you haven’t had Cheesy Thursday before.. I don’t know what to tell you, man. Talking about D hall, it’s pretty cool that the class of 2019 was the last to eat at old D hall and will be one to eat at the soon-to-be built new D hall.

5. You can’t stand waiting to throw your gold and purple streamers.

I don’t know about Y’all, but every football game I go to, I like to wrap all the thrown streamers around myself and my friends. If we had a traditional day to just wrap ourselves with purple and gold streamers, I bet you would LOVE that day and would petition to turn that one-day thing to an everyday thing. No wonder why graduations and football games aren’t complete without streamers.

6. You’ve stolen a quad brick or have friends who’ve done so.

Now this is one of the JMU traditions specifically for freshmen and seniors. Although it makes sense why it’s a tradition for seniors to steal bricks, why the heck is this a thing for freshmen?


7. You find millions of excuses to be out on the quad.

Tanning, napping, studying, and last but not least- PUPPIES. And ya know ya don’t regret those excuses…

8. Your inbox gets flooded with hillside events.

We all love those puppies and little pony events during midterms, finals, and on random days… BUT you don’t appreciate those emails.

9. Loosing your JAC card is more terrifying than losing your credit card.

This one is a nightmare for all dukes since losing JAC means no food, no shelter (aka no access to your dorm and you have to call your friends every single time to let you in) no printing, and NO STARBUCKS.

10. You’ve fought verbally with your VT friend.

You’ve argued with your friend before, because JMU has the BEST food but your tech friend just doesn’t seem to agree with you. Like, girl bye…

11. You’ve yelled J-M-U to every tour group.

Believe me you’ve done this before at least once whenever you saw group of high schoolers with their parents.

12. You still have all your JMU shirts.

To this day, you still have and still wear your free shirts from Purple Out, the JMU fight song shirt from Frog Week, and all the free shirts you got from all other JMU events.


13. You go to events to get the free stuff.

Sometimes you just don’t care… unless something’s FREE. We all love free stuff… I mean who can resist purple and gold? And why wouldn’t you wanna go to events and get something for free? Eh your tuition paid it all so technically it’s not free, but let’s forget about that…

14. You walk across the campus at 12 AM and you’re not scared.

It’s true when people say JMU is the safest place on earth, because the campus is not so huge and people in the JMU area are nice, so you feel safe enough to walk across the campus at night.

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15. Half of your photo album is filled with pictures of quad (Wilson hall) and sunset views from the skyline.

Admit it, you haven’t walked out of your 5 pm east campus class without taking pictures of the sunset and you lose control of yourself and end up taking 20 pics at a time.

16. Your friends thought you were cray cray when you said ‘I need to punch by tonight’.

They fo-real thought you were gonna legit ‘punch’ someone and got even more scared because you and that friend were the only ones in the room. OoPs.

17. You’ve taken a pic with Duke dog before and always wondered who the person inside is.

Like do people sign up to be Duke dog and do they have to get like 4.5 GPA???? Someone solve this mystery please.

18. You’ve started to say “Y’all” without realizing it.

You have friends here from every corner of the U.S. so it’s no surprise when you start to talk like your friends.


19. Your school has a kissing rock.

Once upon a time there was a man… I lied, there was no man. But you can believe me when I say that it is believed that if you kiss your S.O. at the rock, you end up marrying that person. This is one of your goals and you dyingly wish to find your soulmate and kiss him/her there.

Last but not least, we all know this very well….

20. You miss JMU when you are home on break like nothing else.

You miss all those tasty brunches, moments with friends, and can’t wait to be back. Summer is hard for you- after 2 weeks you cry internally every day because you just miss JMU and your goofy friends soooooooooo badly. You know JMU is the best place on earth and you are very proud of the school, its faculty, and you are VERY VERY proud to be a DUKE. You wouldn’t trade it for billions of dollars or the entire world. GO DUKES!!!!!!

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