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20 Signs You Go To Indiana Wesleyan University

20 Signs You Go To Indiana Wesleyan University

Here are 20 signs you go to Indiana Wesleyan University!

1. You know what skipping chapel at Indiana Wesleyan University means.

Once a semester, you have to spend a weekend in your room watching chapel sermons to make up all of your chapel skips.

2. You don’t share what’s on your mind…

…unless it’s “IWU-priate.”


3. You have to stop yourself from dancing.

Even though dancing was just legalized, you still have to stop yourself from “spontaneously dancing” so you don’t “cause males to stumble.”

4. You see Chacos everywhere on warm days.

5. That one guy is walking everywhere barefoot…

even when there’s 5 inches of snow on the ground.

6. You’ve taken one of Wilbur Williams’ classes.

If you haven’t taken one of Wilbur Williams’ classes, you’re not really an Indiana Wesleyan University student.


7. You and your friends are the most sinful during housing application time.

8. You think it’s hilarious to complain about the no-alcohol policy by saying, “But Jesus drank wine.”

9. You can’t step foot off of campus without a friend.

Because WHO KNOWS what’s outside of those IWU walls…

10. You’ve learned to refrain from rolling your eyes…

when every single person you tell that you go to Indiana Wesleyan University says, “Wait… isn’t that school super strict?”

11. Your S.O. doesn’t even know what your room looks like.

Because of the strict “open hours” policy.

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12. You actually are excited to be home in the summer.

Because your parents have less rules.

13. You don’t eat the chicken in Baldwin because it might kill you.

14. After McConn sells a shirt, everyone is matching for the next two weeks.

15. You avoid Wildcat the last week of school.

Because everyone is in a stampede to use up all of their points.


16. Chapel is empty the week before finals.

17. You see the President about 3 times a week walking around campus.

18. You don’t know what’s happening anywhere else in the world.

Since you live in “The Bubble.”

19. You get more news from Overheard at IWU than from The Sojourn.

20. You complain about how unfunny FNL is…

even though you buy tickets every time.
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