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20 Signs You Go To Indiana University

20 Signs You Go To Indiana University

We have so many unique qualities here at Indiana University. With a new semester right around the corner, here are 20 signs you go to Indiana University.

We have so many unique qualities here at Indiana University. I am so happy that I chose to go to school here! With a new semester right around the corner, here are 20 signs you go to Indiana University.

1. Everyone you know is from “Indy” “Chicago” or “New York.”

This means the suburbs, of course.

2. You never have to decide what bar you are going to.

Roy’s Tuesday and Friday after class, Sports Thursday and Saturday, duh.


3. If you’re in Kelley, you love it.

You mean some people actually have Friday class?

4. If you’re not, you hate it.

Those kids would never pass *insert hard science class.*



5. Little 5 is a big deal.

People know your school for one magical week known as Little 5.

6. It’s not a football game, it’s a tailgate.

Game time = nap time.



7. You get really confused when your friends at other schools aren’t up at 6 am on game day.

8. You always take your parents to FARM when they come to town.

And Little Zagreb.

9. You have a love/hate relationship with Karkov and Taaka.

“I actually like grape Taaka!”


10. The C-Store will always feel like home.

You’re there literally every day.

11. You never fail to make sure people know that Mark Cuban went to IU.

“When he comes, he buys people rounds at Roys! He’s so cool.” *never seen him*

12. You have endless Insta-worthy places in and around campus.

These include: sample gates, fire tower, Griffy lake, the quarries.

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13. You spend your summer/winter breaks saying “I’m just ready to get back to IU.”

14. You have a hard time visiting another school for the weekend because FOMO.

15. Friends are always asking to visit you.

You can’t blame them!

16. During the winter, you get emails saying you could probably die from going outside.

YES, there is class today. The Indiana winters are brutal.


17. As for spring, you get bundled up in the morning and end up stripping to almost nothing by 2 PM.

Gotta love the Midwest.

18. You consider Ballantine stairs your workout for the day.

It’s like they never end!


19. MLK Day parties. (No comment needed.)

20. Indiana University feels like home.

When you really think about it, you feel pretty lucky to go to such an awesome school and call Bloomington home.


Have any other signs that you go to Indiana University? Feel free to comment below and if you liked these, share the article!
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