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20 Signs You Go To A Huge University

20 Signs You Go To A Huge University

1. Walking three or more miles every day is typical.

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2. There is no sprinting to class five minutes before it starts and making it on time.

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3. There are always people EVERYWHERE.

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4. Buildings are huge, and you get lost looking for a room in a building you’ve never been in before.

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5. Meal lines are long. So long.

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6. You could go an entire day without seeing the same person twice.

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7. Your lecture halls are some of the biggest spaces on campus.

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8. There is a rival university you love to hate.

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9. There are, what feels like, a million different clubs/activities to join.

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10. Your school’s logo is instantly recognizable.

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11. Game days are insane.

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12. You can go anywhere and meet a current student/alumnus.

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13. Most people know your school.

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14. Due to your school’s large size and status, lots of outsiders have opinions about your school.

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15. Your campus is a cultural hub for the community.

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16. There are a lot of cool shows to see.

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17. You might have more than one family member who’s an alumnus.

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18. If you go to a huge university, your campus has its own zip code.

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19. There are highway exit signs 200 miles away from school.

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20. You can find your school’s logo on a Victoria’s Secret Pink shirt.

cute Victoria's Secret PINK University of Kentucky outfit


Have any other signs you go to a huge university? Comment below!

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