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20 Signs You Go To Fordham University

20 Signs You Go To Fordham University

To most people, Fordham University is that Jesuit school way out in the Bronx. To us, though, it is the setting for some of the best times of our lives. Whether you are a current student or a proud alumni, you know that the #Ramily runs deep. These 20 things are reminders of the all-too-real everyday instances for current students, and blasts from the past for graduates of the things that made their four years at Fordham University so special.

1. You know the struggle of having to explain yourself to people who think you said you go to school at “Florida.”

2. Weeknight partying at Fordham is different from other schools because karaoke and local beer just feels right on a Tuesday, doesn’t it?


3. You definitely have taken an Instagram (or two) of Keating Hall.

4. When you get on a D or 4 train that isn’t express and feel like you’re traveling through the Nine Circles of Hell.

5. Judging people on what building they lived in freshman year is totally fine because it’s just that definitive.

6. Class registration is horrible in itself, but when you realize you’ve accidentally signed up for a class at Lincoln Center you basically lose all will to live.

7. You get excited for Prez Ball, Spring Weekend and Under The Tent because they are awesome events, but mostly because of the catering.



8. Walking by Eddie’s any time after sunset? Immediate contact high.

9. It goes without saying that Arthur Ave is the only Little Italy New York City needs.


10. You know all of the ways to sneak someone into the dorms on campus.

Whether it’s through the laundry room or the bookstore, you know that the signs about the alarm going off are just for show.

11. Seeing kids running from the Prep to the Metro North gate is one of the purest forms of joy you can find on campus… until they get in your way, that is.

12. Some of your favorite faces from Fordham aren’t your classmates, they’re legends like Suits, the sweet ladies in the cafeteria, Sal and Drake—obviously.

13. When a particularly juicy security alert gets sent out, you know it’s going to dominate conversation for at least the next 24 hours.

14. The common core is the bane of your entire existence.

15. Your name is definitely written in Sharpie or etched into the wall somewhere inside of Tinker’s. (Bonus if you remember there being a Jolly Tinker’s to scratch your name into)

16. You know that once November rolls around, the wreaths and politically correct nativity scenes are about to make their yearly appearance.

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17. The school’s slogan is “New York is my campus. Fordham is my school. ” but “love is it” seems to be a much more appropriate tagline.

You are getting hungry very hungry!!! 😂😂🎉🎉🍕🍕👍🏻❤️🍕❤️👍🏻🍕

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18. You survived Sodexo and being top ranked on the list of colleges with the worst food countless years in a row.


19. Riding the ram during freshman year because, tradition.

20. You wouldn’t trade your college experience for any other because at the end of the day, Fordham University will always be your home.

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