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20 Signs You Go To Florida Southern College

20 Signs You Go To Florida Southern College

Let’s get one thing straight, Florida Southern College was my number one pick of schools and I haven’t changed my mind since I have been attending classes here, I love it here. (And our students and staff are the sweetest and most kind-hearted group of people I have ever met.) If you go to FSC, chances are, you know about all of these aspects of campus life. Enjoy!

1. You’re used to having to explain what and where our school is.

Me: “I go to Florida Southern.”

Friend: “Right, and where in Florida is that again? It’s a university right?”
Me: “It’s in Lakeland, and no, it’s actually a little private school……but you were close, no worries.”


2. You almost get hit by golf carts on the daily.

And they don’t even look. Or, they drive slowly behind you until you move. If you’re lucky enough, they might even, literally, say “Beep Beep,” to let you know they need to get by. And I am determined that there are more golf carts than students…just a hunch.

3. You definitely like the old Mocsie better.

There is no doubt in my mind that at least ninety percent of the campus likes the look of the old Mocsie better. He was so cute! What were they thinking, changing the mascot to this more realistic snake….snakes are actually ugly…..but the Moccasin Pride still reigns!

4. You can say “TuTu’s” without laughing.

“I’ll meet you at TuTu’s,” is a famous phrase here. It’s the café…not the little skirt-looking things.


5. Raspberry Sprite is a staple in your diet.

I think it’s just an FSC tradition. It’s similar to how a dog associates good behavior with treats. Tutu’s means raspberry sprite.

6. Parking is THE struggle.

Yeah, I think this goes without explanation. Just when you think you found a spot, WRONG!

7. Driving to class isn’t even worth it.

It’s a ten minute walk anywhere on campus, and there really isn’t parking near any of the major buildings.


8. Studiobox is your go-to on Friday nights.

Who doesn’t love a college version of “Whose Line is it Anyway?” 11pm on Fridays, be there.

9. A lizard might as well be the second mascot.

For those of you that aren’t from Florida, the plethora of lizards probably comes as a shock to you. It’s normal to us Floridians, but stepping on lizards at FSC is pretty much the norm.


10. The Water Dome looks very inviting on hot days.

What is it about getting fined that makes the Water Dome so much more inviting to jump into in the 95 degree weather?


11. You trip on uneven bricks on the daily.

Whoever thought it was a good idea to put random lines of brick between concrete was crazy. It happens to the best of us.

12. Lake Hollingsworth is your go-to for running and rollerblading.

For some odd reason, roller blading is a big thing here. What is it with old trends Lakeland? Oh well, at least it’s good exercise!

13. R.I.P. Kaus

Everybody who experienced Kaus knows it was the crappiest bar in the world, but the fact that everybody congregated there is what made it fun! Too bad it’s gone.

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14. Hellooooo Boots!

Have no fear, there is always some weird type of entertainment in Lakeland, FL! If you want line dancing in a strip mall with bouncers, we’ve got it!

15. The under-caf staff is more entertaining than TV!

Where else would you get your local share of baby-mama drama?


16. You wish the library was open later.

The hours just extended a little bit, but college kids are usually up really late at night, and for the library to close at 1:00 just seems so weird.

17. The new business building looks like Target.

The business building is beautiful, don’t get me wrong. But then they added those big red things outside on the sidewalk, and I instantly thought, TARGET! I can’t be the only one.

18. You learn more about Frank Lloyd Wright than all of your friends.

Frank Lloyd Wright was an architect who built about half of the buildings on our campus. We know more about him than most people our age do.


19. Greek Life is EVERYTHING!

If you aren’t in Greek life, you are pretty much seen as nothing in the social world. It’s a good thing our professors aren’t biased.

20. You never have enough pictures of the scenery on campus.

At the end of the day, our students never get tired of the different scenery on campus, Lake Hollingsworth especially.
What are some other signs you go to Florida Southern College? Comment below and share your signs with our readers!
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