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20 Signs You Go To Eckerd College

20 Signs You Go To Eckerd College

Whether you are currently attending Eckerd College or have already graduated, you will definitely be able to relate to these 20 signs!

1. The beach is the best place on campus (when you’re not attacked by sand fleas.)

2. Yellow bikes are a myth. But they occasionally form a trail to Starbucks.


3. Anything below 70 degrees is freezing.

4. You know that the meal plan is the worst if you have any sort of healthy inclination.

5. Longboards are life.


6. Everyone will accuse you of not going to a real college because of the beach.

7. The cafeteria is designed to form cliques.

8. The cafeteria also fools you into thinking that there will be healthy, edible, options.


9. Parties are legendary. And are also always threatened to be banned.

10. It’s not all about the marine scientists. There are other people there too.

11. Free food events are fairly regular, but there’s never food when you get there.

12. Dorm Olympics never seem to end.

13. Professors are pretty awesome and usually chill and understanding about everything.

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14. Campus safety doesn’t listen to anything.

15. Outdoor meteor cinema showers are beautiful.

16. Glow Kayak trips are not to be missed.

17. The campus and the surrounding area will take your breath away without any warning.

18. Stumpy the alligator exists, and is awesome.

19. Whiteout is overrated.

20. Eckerd will always have a place in your heart (and you’ll think of it every time you see a beach.)

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