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20 Signs You Go to Connecticut College

20 Signs You Go to Connecticut College

All colleges have their own little quirks, inside jokes, and character, so it goes without saying that Connecticut College is no exception.  Here are twenty signs that you (or someone you know) is a true Camel:

1. You have to constantly remind people that no, you do not go to UCONN and that no, you are not a Husky.


2. You play “6 Degrees of Connecticut College” with everyone you meet.

No, seriously.  A little old lady from my church has a sister who graduated in the 1930s, the guitar professor at Conn is the father of a girl I did select chorus with in high school, my mom’s friend’s husband’s cousin is an esteemed alumnus and on the Board of Trustees….I could go on all day.


3. Alternatively, during your inevitable high school reunion, you’ll be the only Camel in attendance.


4. You can navigate the Plex in less than 20 minutes.

5. You want to personally strangle whoever invented Moodle.

6. You’ve taken part in at least one student protest.

7. You get lots of weird stares whenever you mention Floralia to people who aren’t Camels.


8. You’ve tried sledding in the Arbo on a cafeteria tray, with mixed results at best.



9. You’ve complained about some aspect of Conn College culture over Yik-Yak at least once.

10. Your Insta has a disproportionately large number of photos taken in the Arbo or on Temple Green.


11. You leave your laptop unattended more often than not because you know it won’t get stolen.  Perks of having an Honor Code, right?

12. You own at least one article of clothing adorned with camels.


13. You think the weekend starts on Thursday night and ends on Sunday morning.

14. You get really, really, really excited at the mere mention of the Camelympics.



15. You drop the terms Cro, NewLo, JA, KB, Plex, and Arbo in everyday conversation and no one bats an eye.


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16. You know all the baristas in Coffee Grounds and the Coffee Closet by name, and in turn, they all know your regular order by heart.

17. You tend to embody the “liberal” in “liberal arts education”, if you catch my drift (wink wink).



18. You brag to all your friends how Conn’s football team has been undefeated for over 100 consecutive seasons.



19. You have the luxury of never needing to buy even a single package of ramen.

Three cheers for comprehensive meal plans!


20. You share this article with all your Camel friends and comment on your own Conn experiences below.


What do you love most about going to Connecticut College? Comment below!
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