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20 Signs You Go To Clemson

20 Signs You Go To Clemson

To know Clemson University is to love it here. From our school pride to our football skills, we have it all. Here are 20 signs you go to Clemson.

1. You somehow walk uphill both to and from class.

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2. Game days feel like Christmas morning.

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3. You feel like a tourist when you take pictures of campus but it’s just so photogenic you can’t help yourself.

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4. You hate USC and can’t wait to crush them in football every year.

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5. You can’t wait to turn 21, mostly because you get a free t shirt from triple T’s.

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6. Two words: Death. Valley.

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7. You avoid people handing stuff out on library bridge like the plague.

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8. You try to stay calm when you see football players around campus.

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9. You’re convinced that Parking Services is out to get you, even if you don’t have a car.

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10. You patiently wait for the videos of Dabo dancing after every win

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11. The orange and purple sunsets never fail to amaze you.

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12. Wednesday = dollar slice night.

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13. You get chills during the best 25 seconds in college football.

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14. Mopeds. Mopeds everywhere.

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15. On Fridays we wear orange.

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16. You can’t wait for Clemson to put a ring on it during the ring ceremony.

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17. Some schools have pools. We have an entire lake.

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18. You storm the field and sing the alma mater because it’s tradition.

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19. You refuse to read the sign in front of Tillman because you’re convinced you won’t graduate.

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20. But then again, you don’t actually ever want to leave this place.

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Have any other signs you go to Clemson? Comment below!

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