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20 Signs You Go To California State University Northridge

20 Signs You Go To California State University Northridge


Matadors unite! Students or alumni of California State University Northridge, there is something on this list we can all relate to!

1. You commute…or, you know someone who does!

2. Parking is always a struggle.

3. You are a pro at dodging bicyclists and skateboarders.

4. Whenever you walk past the library, you think back to childhood…and Sky High.

5. You are always tempted to salsa past Matador Square.

6. It is your goal to join every club on campus.


7. You are determined to finally use the “free” SRC gym membership.



8. You can relax at the Oasis Wellness Center.

9. Whenever a new discount rolls around, you find an excuse to buy new CSUN gear from the bookstore.

10. You probably spend more money on coffee than tuition (thanks to Freudian Sip)!

11. You perpetually crave boba from Bon Bon Tea House (everyone drinks it).

12. You look forward to the Farmers Market every Tuesday. Hello, fresh fruit!

13. You love going to campus events for FREE.

14. Connecting to Wi-Fi is a serious mission.

15. The squirrels are more friendly than humans.

16. There is a new film crew on campus every other week. (Zac Efron may or may not be there!)


17. You groove to CSUN’s radio station on- and off-campus.

18. Summer is all year long.

19. You know several foreign-exchange students and embrace diversity.

20. You are proud to be a MATADOR!

Once a Matador, always a Matador!

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