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20 Signs You Go To California State Long Beach

20 Signs You Go To California State Long Beach

Whether you are currently attending California State Long Beach or have already graduated, you will definitely be able to relate to these 20 signs!

1. Beachnet WiFi is the reason you have trust issues.

A.K.A your data usage is higher than your cumulative GPA.

2. Your sandal tans have sandal tans.

All of Cal State Long Beach owns Rainbows.  It’s like the culture.


3. Let’s face it, you have at least a million funny squirrel stories and you follow @squirrelsofcsulb on Instagram.

You should follow @ducksofcsulb as well.  It’s a lot less hyped.

4. You don’t even need to go to the Rec Center because running from the parking structure to class makes it leg day every day.

Have you tried getting parking in the structure during the first two weeks of school? It’s madness! (Always check the top level.)

5. Your grad pic is in front of the H2O fountain in front of Brotman Hall.

Let’s be real, who doesn’t do this though.


6. Your football team is infinitely #1 but you can’t brag about it because it doesn’t exist.

7. All your peers have sweaters wrapped around their waists because the classrooms are cold as balls.

It can be 100 degrees outside, but the econ class will still be borderline freezing.

8. There are days when you have random dogs in your classroom for no reason.

CSULB is a very dog friendly campus.  There are dogs EVERYWHERE, but surprisingly no dog poop.  So sometimes the students will just take their dogs to class.  I love it!

9. The majority of the population wears gym clothes.

The rec center is one of the best out of any college campus.


10. Multiple clubs have approached you in an attempt to convert you to [insert religion and/or religious affiliation here.]

They try to bribe you with ice cream.  Don’t fall for it.

11. You signed a petition to allow Quidditch to be played on campus.

If you haven’t signed it, go do it.  Now.

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12. You’ve slept in the Horn(y) Center after finals week.

13. The many mental debates whether to go to one of the Starbucks or Coffee Bean for your daily coffee fix.

14. You’ve accidentally walked in on awkward/slightly disturbing practices on campus after hours and suspect cult activity.

This has happened to me one too many times to think it was just a random coincidence.

15. You’ve been annoyed at one of your colleagues for putting their waste in the wrong trash receptacle.

16. Being tempted by the abandoned drinks left outside the labs because we take signs seriously here.

17. All your snapchat geotags have the Walter Pyramid.

They recently added a new one.  It doesn’t look cool, but it’s not the Walter Pyramid.

18. You always write inspiring quotes (or draw dirty penises) on the chalkboards in the restroom.



19. You’ve spent more than 30 minutes searching for your car in the parking structure.

Guilty as charged!

20. You’ve mistaken the raccoons for medium sized dogs.

They’re really that big though.
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