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20 Signs You Go To Cal Poly SLO

Whether you are a current student, alumni, or even a soon-to-be Cal Poly freshman, you will definitely be able to appreciate these twenty signs, even if you cannot relate to them yet! Keep reading for 20 signs you go to Cal Poly SLO!

1. You know what a WOWie is.

You heard it yelled from car windows and from strangers on the sidewalk. It might have taken you a little while to understand what it meant, but now that you do, you are the one doing the yelling every year during WOW to the little baby incoming


2. VG’s is (was) the go to place for drunk/hungover food.

The fact that it was open until 2AM and you could spend your plus dollars there made you and any drunk upperclassman very happy. You would sit there with your friends, in some slutty/crazy/ messed up outfit, half drunk, eating your breakfast burrito or giant waffle.


3. You don’t believe the rumors that Zac Efron is on campus anymore.

It’s your freshman year. You’re scrolling through your class page on Facebook or looking through Twitter or YikYak, and you see a bunch of posts that Zac Efron is in the Rec working out. You gather all your girlfriends (unless you’re a guy who is also obsessed with Zac Efron) and you race over to the Rec, only to find no trace of Zac Efron. You later come to realize that this is a regular rumor and you never listen to it again.

4. You are aware of the exact time you need to go to Starbucks to avoid the insanely long line.

It is a known fact that college students survive purely on coffee, so it’s no surprise that the line for Starbucks is ALWAYS long. By now, though, you may have figured out that two minute window that occurs every hour where the line is almost nonexistent.

5. Whenever someone asks “Which Cal Poly do you go to?” you instantly say “the real one”…

Let’s be honest, we all know that Cal Poly SLO is the only real Cal Poly that counts. The kids in Pomona need to figure out a different name for their college so that we don’t get asked this question anymore.


6. You know that line dancing is probably the most lit place on a Thursday night.

Whether you’re a die hard country fan, or just have nothing else to do on a Thursday night, you have been line dancing at The Grad at least once. You may have been slightly intimidated by the people from the Cal Poly Country Line Dancing Club who know every move, to every dance, for every song. But you have to admit it, you had a good time.

7. You have a favorite acai place (out of the 10 that are within a few miles of campus).

If you didn’t know what acai was before you came to college, you definitely do now. Krava Bowl, The Neighborhood, Bowl’d, Seeds, the options are endless. Health-Nut or not, you have a soft spot in your heart for the fruit with a funny name and the delicious toppings you can get on it.

8. You have done (or know someone who has done) the Tri Tip Challenge.

It is on the college bucket list of any student at Cal Poly, and if you have not done it, you know at least a few people who have. You also know that there is no denying the fact that you will somehow complete it before you graduate, no matter how un-athletic and not outdoorsy you are.

9. If you lived in the towers, you know you had more fun than the people in the red bricks.

Fact: The Sierra Madre (and sometimes Yosemite) towers are the best dorms on campus.

They are always the most social and fun and most of the time you won’t get any complaints from people for being too loud.

10. You have most likely never been to (or been to only one) of our football games.

We all know that we don’t have the best football team in the world, but we also don’t really care. The only football game I have ever been to is the one during WOW with my group.

11. You spend more time at the gym or library than in your actual room.

Cal Poly students are notorious for being bookworms and fitness buffs. The gym is never empty and neither is the library, and who could blame us? We have some of the most attractive and smartest students in the nation, and we want to keep it that way.

12. You hated the fact that you couldn’t pay for scantrons with Plus Dollars.

When you’re running to your final and you are late, you realize you forgot a scantron. You search frantically for a quarter or your debit card and you can’t find one. You curse the people who decided that Plus Dollars could only be used on food.


13. If you’re an Ag student, you know the struggle of walking from the dorms to the crops unit in 80 degree heat.

Personally I was lucky. A girl who was in the same class as me in the crops unit had a car. We did not walk to class once that quarter.

14. Your calves are probably more toned than they have ever been.

Curse you Cal Poly hills. Because of you, my calves have grown about 2 inches.

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15. You love/hate the fact that we have a ton of boutiques downtown.

Boutiques are great. You can find unique pieces that will last you all year. Boutiques also suck. They are extremely expensive, and there are no normal stores like Nordstrom or Macy’s anywhere near campus.


16. If you had a clean dorm room, you constantly had random teenagers on tours looking around and coming in.

My freshman year dorm room was almost always clean and organized and we were on the first floor. I would come out of the shower and walk in on 5-6 teenagers and their parents in my bedroom looking around.

17. It’s not as beachy as you might think…

Yes, we do live within 20-30 minutes of the beach. No, the weather is not always nice. For the most part the weather is pretty mild, but in the winter, we can get a lot of rain and it can get into the low 40s at night.

18. You know your plans for your 21st birthday months (or even years) in advance.

You will be doing the traditional bar crawl. No question about it. Bull sweat and all.


19. If you’re a freshman girl with Plus Dollars, guys of all ages will be all over you for free food.

I think I made friends with guys just because of this one thing.

20. The Amtrak bus picking up right outside of Sierra Madre was the best thing ever.

I always had to take Amtrak home, and the fact that I could take a nap, wake up, and get picked up at midnight to go home was awesome, especially since I did not have a car.


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