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20 Signs You Go To Berry College

20 Signs You Go To Berry College

Whether you are currently a student at Berry College or have already graduated, you will definitely be able to relate to these 20 signs!

1. You’ve chased the deer.

Because let’s face it, the deer are just too much fun to not chase.

2.You’ve spent the day in an eno.

If we have to spend those lazy 75 degree days somewhere on those 27,000 acres we might as well lay in an eno while doing it.


3. You would never (wink wink) swim in the res.

Even though it’s not allowed, we’ve all done it, it’s a rite of passage.

4. The deer don’t stop for you, you stop for the deer.

Because why on earth would they stop for a car heading toward them at 35 mph? They are the rulers of this land.

5. You’ve stepped in deer poop in your brand new shoes.

Because if a deer sees you coming back on campus with those super cute new wedges, it automatically thinks, I shall mark those with my excrement.


6. You say Valhalla, not Viking Court.

The administration may have changed the signs, but even the Freshmen know, it’s Valhalla not Viking Court.


7. You always seem to locate the best way to climb each building.

I’ve seen so many snapchat stories taken from the top of Music that it is ridiculous.

8. You own a pair of chacos, probably multiple pairs.

Because what else would you wear on those day long hikes?


9. You know what I mean when I say “The Green Lady” and you know the ritual to summon her.

Because dropping your keys out of your car is always the smartest way to see a ghost.

10. You receive emails with Free Food for incentive to attend school events.

They know well enough that we aren’t going to come to anything that’s not a CE credit unless food is involved.

11. You know the impossible uphill battle of catching up on emails.

I got 5 emails in the stretch of 20 minutes today, catching up takes forever.


12. You don’t study in the library unless you’re working in a group.

Unless you’re in the quiet zone, the library is a hangout zone. You avoid it at all cost.

13. You know that Stretch Road = speeding. Every. Time.

The 3 mile road up to Mountain has such a ridiculous speed limit that driving it when no one else is on it means you’re speeding, always.

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14. You view the scholarship groups like a cult, even if you’re a part of one.

Bonner, Gate, Whitehead, Winshape, Leader Fellows, they all have their own section of Berry. You see them all travel in packs and they hang out with their scholarship friends 9 times out of 10.

15. You know that Berry’s chocolate milk is better than any other in existence.

Something about it, makes it taste like heaven in a cup.

16. If the Stall Wall gets updated on time in the academic buildings you know it’s a miracle.

And if it does in a residential hall it’s the sign of the apocalypse. There is no way that Stall Wall is going to be updated on time up at Ford, if it is, it’s a sign that the world is ending.


17. You make it a point to look for mistakes in grammar in any printed thing.

The Stall Wall, the Pot Thoughts, even emails sometimes. Because I’m sorry Alumini is not a word.

18. You get a package notification from the post office days after Amazon told you the package was there.

It can take days, sometimes even weeks to get your books even though Amazon said they were here the third day of school.


19. It’s impossible to go a week without hearing about Martha Berry and her Head, Heart, and Hands.

Because what would Berry be without reminding us of our beloved founder and her motto, every chance they get.


20. You are used to fire alarms at ungodly hours.

The fire alarms are so sensitive that your midnight snack just turned into a pajama party outside for your whole building.
Are there any other signs you attend Berry College that you can think of? Comment below or share this article with a friend!
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