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20 Signs You Go To ASU

20 Signs You Go To ASU


1. You have maroon and gold everything!

2. Spring is the best because of Devil Aid!

AKA the best use of the sour oranges that grow all over the ASU campus.

3. Sandal season is all year.

Minus a month or so for Christmas.

4. You loving going to ASU campus events for the free stuff.

Shirts, food, henna tattoos, candid photos with green screen backgrounds and so much more.


5. You own at least twice the amount of shorts than you do pants.


6. Hiking a mountain is a pastime.

Sometimes even a routine.

7. You can navigate the ASU campus like a boss.

Whether it be via bike, long-board, skateboard, roller blade or scooter.


8. When August comes around you hide inside until the sun goes down.

9. It may be hot AF, but you still bring a sweater to class.

When it’s over 85 degrees outside you need to bring a sweater specifically for lecture because they are always FREEZING.


10. When a rain storm rolls in, you go outside just to see the purple lightening….

…and frat boys swimming in the puddles with floaties.


11. You know what to do if you’re late to class.

If you are late to a 300-500 person lecture, you just sit in the corner by the door instead of searching for a seat and drawing attention to yourself. #awkward

12. Birkenstocks are likely one of your go-to shoes of choice… all year.

13. If you choose to wear black between May and September, you often regret it.

14. Driving on the ASU campus is torture.

Especially midday.

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15. If you don’t have a car, you walk everywhere.

Grocery store, Mill Ave… you name it!

16. You live at the gym (the pool).

Because let’s face it, it is always swimsuit season at ASU.


17. Dutch Bros is the chillest place to get coffee (or at Rebel).

Especially with all the rad music they play all day long.

18. Mill Avenue is the place to be any time after 5 pm.

19. Watching the vibrant sunset is a luxury that you forget about until you visit anywhere else.

20. You love ASU.

…because of the awesome teachers, the always blossoming flowers and plant life (palm trees and cacti mostly), the beautiful buildings, the people, and of course the weather (except maybe July and August)!

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