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20 Signs You Definitely Live With Girls

20 Signs You Definitely Live With Girls

If you live with girls, you can definitely relate to these 20 things!

1. You constantly steal each other’s clothes.

Their clothes are your clothes right?

2. Every available surface in your apartment is covered in clothes.

Usually brightly/printed underwear.


3. You thought getting ready for nights out together would involve bonding and doing each other’s hair.

When in reality it’s just a big mess of everyone running off to their separate rooms to fake tan, apply make up and hollering up the stairs to discuss outfits.

4. You’ve woken up to find a random guy eating (your) food in your kitchen…

…wearing one sock. But you go about your day as normal.

5. Birthdays are taken pretty seriously.

Especially when it comes to the outfit.



6. You don’t know hell the drain gets clogged up…

…with hair that’s DEFINITELY not yours.

7. You have found yourself wondering why you don’t live with guys.

More than once.


8. You know that there is no escaping drama!

When you live with girls, it’s unavoidable.

9. You find no shame in having 500 different types of grooming products.

Or beauty products.

10. Your apartment smells pretty damn good, all the time.

So, so many scented candles…just because.


11. Hair, hair everywhere.

It’s in your food, caught up in parts of your body you didn’t know you had.

12. You’ve cursed at the mess that is the bathroom sink.

There is a motherfucking garbage bin.

13. Painfully truthful fashion advice is never far.

You must mentally prepare yourself for the brutal honesty to come.


14. You’ve grown accustom to the sweet scent of burning hair…

…that fills the house each and every morning.

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15. You’ve come to the realization that girls can be pretty gross.

Plucked eyebrow hairs left on the mirror, anyone?


16. You dread boyfriends.

Because you know that the true drama begins when one of the girls gets a boyfriend.

17. You know that periods DO sync up.

That’s right – the whole urban myth about periods syncing when you live with girls is definitely NOT a myth.



18. You’ve learned the complex rules of borrowing.

Some things are fair game (tampons, books, make up, pasta), while others are definitely NOT (chocolate, razors, underwear).

20. Fights are constant.

You are guaranteed scars that will last a life time.

20. You always having someone to laugh with.

Kind of awesome, isn’t it?

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