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20 Signs Your Best Friend Knows You Better Than You Do

20 Signs Your Best Friend Knows You Better Than You Do

Your best friend is your other half, the one person that doesn’t question your weirdness nor judge your not-so-great moments. The person that knows you better than anyone else. In fact, she knows you so well, whether you like it or not, your best friend knows you better than you do. Here are 20 signs that you’ve definitely found that one BFF who can tell you what you want for lunch before you can.

1. They see straight through that lie.

So don’t even bother to say it in the first place.

2. They know about every regrettable hook-up and relationship you’ve been through.

And can remind you of all the awful details when you start to consider going back to that person.


3. They know how many hours it will take before you to talk to your crush.

And they encourage you the whole way.

4. They know when your boobs have become bigger.

Which is usually determined by their knowledge that your period is coming.

5. They know all your past, present and future passwords and screen lock codes.

And if they don’t, they could easily guess them.


6. They know you’re not over your ex, no matter how many times you say you are.

Even when YOU think you are.

7. They know exactly what you need after a breakup or a horrible day.

And it usually involves some form of ice cream. Or booze. Or both.

8. They know when you’re almost on your period.

See #4.


9. They know what you’re looking for in a partner.

And can easily determine if someone is the right fit for you…5 seconds after meeting them.

10. They totally know what you want to do on a Friday night.

Okay fiiiiine, we’ll stay in and binge-watch Netflix. Pull my arm.

11. They know all the clothes you own in your closet.

Which explains why some are missing…


12. They know what you want to eat when you spend time looking at the menu.

They could pretty much just order for you.

13. They absolutely know how many drinks it takes for you to get shitfaced.

Yep, your best friend knows you.

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14. They just know what the problem is when you’re having “one of those days.”

And are there to make it better.

15. They know each and every person you stalk on social media.

Which means they’ve stalked them too.

16. They know precisely when to lie to you or tell you the truth.

Because they know what you need to hear.


17. They know all your crushes and ex’s first name and last name by heart…

…and where they live.


18. When you say “there’s something I’ve forgotten, I just don’t know what it is…”

They know what “it” is.

19. They know when you’re broke, even if you don’t want to tell them.

But don’t worry, she’s got you.


20. Before you tell them a story, they probably know what it’s going to be about.

You two could basically just communicate without ever having to speak again.

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