20 RU Dorm Rooms for Major Dorm Decor Inspiration

Your dorm room is the place where you will spend a lot of your time as a college student. So, make it feel like home. Here are RU dorm rooms for some inspo!

As the commonly labelled “best four years of your life,” a lot is going to happen in college. Your dorm room is going to be your sanctuary when your college life starts to get a little crazy, so making it pretty and comfortable to look at as well as live in wouldn’t hurt, right? Here are 20 beautiful RU dorm rooms to look at for some MAJOR inspiration and ideas and to help you possibly decorate your own!

1. Minimal decor and fairy lights make for a classic dorm room style.

2. Or you could go boho-chic with tapestries and your bed sheets.

3. Lighting can actually make or break a dorm.

Plus, they provide a nice contrast from the harsh fluorescent lighting already provided.

4. Wall decals add a splash of color and fun.

5. Utilize triangular banners and statement art pieces to modernize your living space.

6. Add pictures on your wall and arrange them in creative ways to prevent homesickness and display your memories.

7. You could arrange them Instagram-style and print them all out in black and white for a super retro look.

8. Or clothespin them to string attached to your wall for a more rustic style.

9. Colorful bedding can really give your room a colorful and energetic kick.

10. Going nuts and throwing a canopy over the whole shazam is an option, too.

11. Adding extra seating is a great way to accommodate friends and social events happening in your room.

12. Slapping some maps on your wall can make your room seem a little more ready for adventure.


13. Posters work just as well- they’re versatile and help you express whatever you’re into.

14. Don’t be afraid to give your room a little green kick.

Whether it be a potted plant, a fake flower vase, or a festive Christmas tree during the holiday season!

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15. Team up with your roommate and coordinate your entire room to match with the other’s half.

16. Dare to go light and airy with pastel shades.

17. Or make a bold, fun statement with multicolored lights and text on the walls.

18. Cozy it up with a multitude of pillows on your bed.

19. Add rugs as you deem fit and comfortable.

20. Artwork on your walls can be soothing to look at in times of stress (which will occur more than you expect).


Bottom line? Have fun, be bold, and don’t be afraid to experiment with dorm decor!

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Featured image: Pinterest