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20 Reasons Why UD Is The Best School On Earth

20 Reasons Why UD Is The Best School On Earth

20 Reasons Why UD Is The Best School On Earth

It is understandable that everyone thinks their university is the best. But if you attend the University of Delaware, you actually know your school is the best. Why? Keep reading for 20 reasons as to why the UD is the best school on earth!

1. We have The Green.

Gorgeous colonial residence halls and Morris Library line the beautiful stretch of lawn that infamously is “The Green.” Not only is the site centrally located on campus, it is also the ideal study spot. Benches are positioned on each side; towering oaks border the red brick pathways and provide ample shade. Whether you plop down for a picnic lunch or an afternoon nap, there is no spot more scenic to be.

2. We also have the historic Kissing Arches.

Maybe, just maybe, you will be fortunate to find a sweetheart at UD (I did!) A construct unique to the university, couples visit the archways on either side of Memorial Hall to secure their fates as “Double Dels.” The Green was once home to two separate schools, Delaware College and the Women’s College, between 1914 and 1945. Prior to curfew, sweethearts would kiss goodnight before returning to their respective halls on the North and South Green. Though the schools have long since merged, the archways have remained a time- honored tradition.


3. We have a gorgeous campus.

As students at the University of Delaware, we are incredibly fortunate to call such an aesthetically pleasing campus home. UD offers exquisite colonial architecture that remains illuminated long after sundown. This fountain, located on upper South Campus, is one of my favorite spots to unwind and meditate after a grueling day of classes.


4. UD is in the best location.

A quiet, safe, and amiable college town, Newark hosts 30,000 residents as well as the UD campus. But a weekend trip to a major city is but a mere two hours away! That’s right…just two. Newark is two hours by car or Amtrak train from D.C and New York City; you can be in the heart of Philadelphia or Boston in just under one hour. For the beach bums, the closest beach along the Atlantic is 45 minutes from campus! Perfect for a weekend getaway in the weeks leading up to finals.


5. Main Street is everyone’s personal playground.

Although not technically part of UD’s campus, the enchanting one- mile Main Street is every student’s personal playground. Eating, shopping, date night, or group study sessions…downtown Newark is the destination of choice! Highlights along the main drag include recognizable chains, such as Starbucks, Panera, and Chipolte, as well as the Barnes and Noble campus bookstore. The features that add true charm, however, are the boutiques and restaurants exclusive to the area. Cosi, Catherine Rooney’s, Grass Roots…Main Street is a dangerous place for a poor college kid.

6. We have NBD: Newark Deli & Bagels.

A hidden gem on Main Street, NBD has received (and rightfully so) many awards for its array of breakfast offerings. At NBD, breakfast is a delicious egg and cheese sandwich on a whole wheat bagel, large coffee on the side. Freshly baked bagels, homemade cream cheeses, and refreshing beverages are made from the freshest ingredients…and are served all day long! Need a quick pick-me-up in between classes? Place your order in advance by phone or on the website.

7. We have Insomnia Cookies.

Insomnia was founded in 2003 by then student Seth Berkowitz to feed the insatiable hunger of college students. The company specializes in delivering warm, delectable cookies right to your door, providing the perfect excuse to stay curl up in your sweats for the day. No matter what the craving- from late night study sessions, birthday celebrations, or a care package from home- Insomnia cookies is available when you need them most. Until 3 A.M, that is.


8. We have the Lil Bob Fitness Center.

After trolling Main Street for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you need a strategy to avoid the dreaded “freshman 15.” Take a stroll over to the Carpenter Sports Building, aka the Lil Bob. The 167,000 square- foot building includes a fully furnished fitness center, racquetball and squash courts, a rock-climbing wall, cycle studio, and an Olympic sized pool. Group fitness classes, updated each semester, are an excellent way to stay fit in an upbeat and motivating atmosphere. Each of the forty- four weekly classes are led by nationally certified instructors in formats such as strength, dance, cardio, as well as HIIT.

9. We have the best Mascot: YouDee.

Standing at 6-foot-8, blue swinging to and fro, Delaware’s beloved mascot YouDee is a staple for any athletic event. YouDee, the official mascot of the University of Delaware Fighting Blue Hens, has a reputation for courage and ferocity in battle, traits symbolic of the resolute spirit of UD’s athletic teams. From the soles of his blue and yellow sneakers to the top of his comb, YouDee is a beloved symbol of Blue Hen spirit.

10. We have the Twilight Induction Ceremony.

On the eve of the first day of fall semester, the faculty welcomes the newest class to the UD community at the annual Twilight Induction Ceremony. Gathered together on the South Green, this is one of only two times that your entire class will be present in one place. The only other time will be Commencement, four years down the road. How’s that for perspective? So take a deep breath. Savor the fact that you really are embarking on your college journey. And as your candle is lit, take pride in your new Blue Hen status.


11. We have an endless supply of coffee shops.

Newark is riddled with spots for lethargic students to grab a morning java jolt or a mid-day latte treat. There are classic national brands: Starbucks (both the Main Street location as well as the university owned kiosk in Smith Hall), Dunkin Donuts, Einstein’s Bagels, and Pete’s. If you crave an additional sweet treat, Duck Donuts. And for those who prefer a more reserved hole-in-the-wall, allow Brew Ha-Ha and Sinclair’s Café to satisfy your demands for caffeine and intellectual conversation.



12. We have Tax Free Shopping.

Need I say more?! Great selection, reasonable prices, and NO state surcharge, tax free shopping is a definite perk to attending school in Delaware. If only it offset the sky- high out-of-state tuition…

13. Students don’t really need a car on campus.

While all students are permitted to have a car on campus, one is by no means necessary. UD has an excellent shuttle system that transports students and faculty efficiently and at no up- front cost. Access live route info from your computer or smart phone using the real-time UD Shuttle Bus tracker. Not only will you save thousands in parking permit fees and gas money, but you will have ample time to socialize with fellow classmates.


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14. The USC Bus Trips.

Each year, the University Student Centers (USC) hosts a variety of bus trips, offering discounted tickets and cozy round-trip transportation to local destinations. Past schedules have included D.C during the cherry blossom festival, Camelback Mountain Ski Resort, as well as New York City in celebration of the Christmas season. Though a valid UD ID is required to purchase tickets, Blue Hens are welcomed and encouraged to bring friends and family members along.

15. We have so many RSOs.

There are hundreds of opportunities to get involved in clubs and organizations, social programs and educational seminars, and in leadership development activities at UD. Many student-sponsored groups share a common cause or culture, a similar political affiliation, or religious or spiritual identity. Lori’s Hands encourages student participation in community service. Others organize social or recreational activities or promote the exploration of academic interests. With so many options to choose from, there’s something here for everyone. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there!



16. We have UDairy on campus.

If you heed any of my advice, taste the official ice cream of the University of Delaware! The UDairy Creamery, established in 2008, prides itself on the production of premium confections from the cows raised at the University of Delaware College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. “From the cow to the cone”, the 33 rotating flavors are available in scoops, pints, and even gallons. Highly recommended: Blue Hen Tracks!

17. We have the P.O.D.

P.O.D Markets, with three accessible locations across campus, combines the convenience of a corner store with the style of a modern market. Options include grab’n go items for all of your breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacking desires: breakfast sandwiches, wraps, salads, fresh produce, coffee, and traditional small grocery store essentials. The concept undoubtedly meets the demands of bustling college students- quality fresh and healthy dining options that can travel across campus or back to the dorm. Pencader P.O.D saved my ass following late- night chemistry exams, when the exhaustion was just too much to handle.


18. The UD atmosphere alone.

The university has an extraordinary and vibrant aura that is difficult to understand until you become a student here. When I step outside each day, my heart flutters and I can’t help but wear a smile on my face. Whether I am sunning on The Green on a balmy spring day, studying in a café on Main Street, or attending class, I am always delighted by and enthusiastic about what might be. I will forever be grateful that I made the decision to attend UD.


19. The famous blue and gold apparel.

From the Barnes and Noble Bookstore and Lieberman’s to the National 5 & 10 (all on Main Street), students are never at a loss to score trendy spirit wear. The university is also incredibly generous with free hand-outs; during the period from Freshman Orientation to the end of the fall semester, I collected a total of six t-shirts, a drawstring bag, and a water bottle. You can never own enough blue and gold!


20. Blue Hen Pride!

No matter where you come from originally, every student at UD is honored to be a Blue Hen. We live, breathe, and bleed blue and gold for four years. Upon stepping onto campus for the first time as an official student, you adopt a new mentality…the Blue Hen State of Mind. It highlights the goals of meeting challenges and aspiring to a tradition of excellence, whether in the community, on the field, or in the classroom. Once a Blue Hen, always a Blue Hen.

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