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20 Reasons Why Washington Is the Best State

20 Reasons Why Washington Is the Best State

1. Seattle.

The first and foremost reason why Washington is the best? It hosts the incredible city of Seattle. There is so much culture to see and mostly everyone you meet is friendly. Check out the Space Needle for amazing views of the city!

2. It has the coolest hands-on place for adults.

I’m referring to the Experience Music Project Museum. Feel like checking out “that big ass coat” Macklemore was wearing from the Thrift Shop? It’s on display for the world to see at this museum.

3. It has so many hidden gems.

A secret place that my family showed us the first time I was in Washington was Snoqualmie Falls. Take a very short walk to the bottom, bring a tube and float down the river, or grab a snack at the beautiful overlook.


4. Original Starbucks coffee anyone?

That’s right the OG Starbucks location is in Washington at the infamous Pike Place Market. Plus, there’s tons of other things like fresh cut flowers, the fish toss and so much more!


5. Sports fans, welcome!

Besides the Seahawks, Mariners, and Sounders FC; you have plenty of college teams to follow, like Washington State.

6. Mountains, mountains, mountains!

There are so many scenic places to hike and views of mountains literally everywhere you go. Not to mention snowboarding – name a mountain and you’ve got one heck of a ride ahead of you.


7. Beer.

There are a ton of breweries around to keep you busy for 150 days. Visit all 150 breweries in Washington, I’m sure you won’t get bored!

8. There’s tons of cities and towns to explore.

If you would prefer checking out something that’s not Seattle (and why would you ever want to do that…), Spokane is just as alluring!

9. It’s a snowboarder’s paradise.

Washington is the best in regards to anything to do with snowboarding, I will direct you to number 6 again! It is so fantastic to get out and play in the snow.


10. The shopping!

Belleview is the perfect place to spend some time throwing your money away 😉

11. From volcanoes…

Quick history lesson – Mount St. Helen’s erupted back in 1980. Now there is a gorgeous national monument that is definitely worth paying respect to.

12. …to the beaches.

Another thing that makes Washington the best is the diversity of the terrain. From the mountains to the volcanoes to the beaches – it’s got it all! Head on over to the coast and explore Ocean Shores.


13. Union.

Boating, fishing, local ice cream parlors; this town has it all.

14. The Seattle Aquarium is always a crowd pleaser.

Plus the CEO and Aquarium president gave a Ted talk on why aquariums matter…so that means something, right?

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15. If you haven’t been to the Woodland Park Zoo, you need to.

I mean, they have a new baby gorilla….and baby animals are amazing!

16. You can fly…

Ever wanted to try indoor skydiving? iFly in Seattle can give you that experience! Or if you are feeling like being more connected, Vertical World is the perfect climbing experience.

17. …but you can stay grounded if you want to.

For those of you afraid of heights, don’t worry, there are plenty of land and sea activities too. Sign up for the Seattle Cycling tour, Alki Kayak tours, Evergreen Escapes, or Ballard Kayak, just to name a few.


18. Food, we can’t forget about the food!

Washington is the best place to go for seafood (okay, maybe I’m biased), but you’ve got to give a shot! Plus, I will take you back to number 4, Washington has the original Starbucks – that includes the bakery.


When it comes to food trucks, I’d have to go ahead and say it again: Washington is the best. Go on an empty stomach and eat as much as possible, with no regrets!

20. It’s the perfect place for 20-somethings.

From booze to nature, and everything in between, Washington has so many possibilities, just what any student or young professional needs in life!

Featured image source: wekeepexploring.