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20 Reasons To Visit Texas

20 Reasons To Visit Texas

Never been to Texas? If you’ve never visited Texas before you are truly missing out. From amazing cities to Houston and Dallas to Austin and San Antonio, here are 20 reasons why everyone should visit Texas.

1. Bluebonnet Season

If you’re from Texas, then you most likely know that Ennis is the “Bluebonnet City of Texas” and Chappell Hill’s Historical Society Bluebonnet Festival is the “Official State of Texas Bluebonnet Festival.” These flowers are absolutely gorgeous and perfect for taking pictures. You’ll have Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pictures to post for days!

2. The State Fair Of Texas

If you’re looking to find a fried Oreo or fried butter, then the State Fair of Texas is where you need to go. The State Fair of Texas is known for its variety of very diverse foods, rides, games, and shows, all across the United States. Also make sure to take the classic pic in front of Big Tex.


3. ACL (Austin City Limits) And SXSW (South By Southwest)

These two festivals are attended by people from all over the world to come together for a collection of music, art, film, and everything in between. It’s a time for artists and lovers of all these things to come together and show the world what they are capable of. Sit back and enjoy the fun, friends, and festivities.

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4. River Walk In San Antonio

The river walk in San Antonio sits a story beneath the streets of San Antonio’s downtown. It is filled with restaurants, shops, and bars, so there’s a little bit of everything for everyone. It’s a San Antonio tourist staple and a must visit for anyone that is in the city.

5. Historical Sites

Texas is full of historical sites; all you have to do is pick the one that interests you the most and go from there! Visit the Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas to see where the late JFK was assassinated, the Alamo in San Antonio, or the San Antonio Missions. These are just a few sites that you are able to visit.


6. Nightlife

Dallas and Austin are renowned for the nightclubs and bars that host several events and artists throughout the year. They also hold special events and deals during the holidays, so make sure these cities are on your destination route.


7. Tex-Mex

Mexican foods with a touch of Texas; what more could you want? Chips and queso (and salsa), fajitas for days, and extra guac will fill you up like no other. Because Texas shares a border with Mexico, it’s easy to see how the food would be influenced. In Texas, you’re never far from a restaurant with delicious Tex-Mex.

8. Fort Worth Stockyards

If you’re looking to experience Texas at its roots, then you should definitely make a pit stop in Fort Worth for their amazing Stockyards. The Stockyards are a staple of Texas, and represent the Lone Star State to a tee. With cattle, horses, southern food, and décor, plus a rich history, the Stockyards are bound to impress y’all.


9. Sports

The Dallas Mavericks, Texas Rangers, Dallas Stars, Houston Dynamo, San Antonio Spurs, and Dallas Cowboys are all amazing sports teams that offer great spectator events and games for those for a love of the sport.

10. Beaches

Take a break on the coast of Texas and visit the beaches down in Galveston and South Padre Island. These two will never disappoint, and you will most definitely enjoy basking in the sun while the ocean washes your worries away.

11. Big Bend National Park

National parks are hugely underrated, and should be made known to the greater American population. These parks are filled with hidden treasures and breathtaking scenes that are once in a lifetime views. Big Bend National Park is no exception to this.


12. Mountains

Feeling adventurous? Well, Texas has mountains that are just waiting for groups to go and hike and enjoy the adventures they have to offer. You are bound to run into some wildlife as well, so be sure to be on the lookout for that.

13. Six Flags Over Texas

This amusement park is known worldwide for its insane rides and for having cartoon characters walking around the park for some great photo ops. Make sure to visit and check out the rides and food; there are rides and fun for people of all ages!

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14. Great Colleges

Texas is home to a lot of great public and private colleges and universities. Texas Tech in Lubbock, Texas A&M in College Station, University of Texas in the state capitol of Austin, as well as SMU in Dallas and Rice University in Houston are only a couple of the great schools that are available for in and out of state students. These schools are known across the nation for their academics, sports programs, and many other great resources that are open to students.

15. Great Urban Districts

It goes without saying that – despite the southern influence and cowboy associated stereotypes Texas has – the state is home to a lot of great and up and coming urban districts. Dallas and Austin are two of the cities in the state of Texas that host a variety of museums, music events, and theaters, as well as many art pieces and exhibitions throughout their downtown districts.

16. Some Of The Biggest Names In Music

Tejano Queen Selena, Beyoncé, Miranda Lambert, Kelly Clarkson, and Usher are just a few of the big name music artists that are from the great Lone Star State. They rep the Texan name loud and proud, just like any proud Texan does. Their success and stardom all began here, in their great state of origin: Texas.

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17. Great Places To Road Trip

Texas is one of the biggest states in the United States, which means that road trips even within the state are a must. Route 66, Cascade Caverns, and many other places are examples of where you could road trip. On these road trips you’ll also most likely find hidden Texas treasures, such as family owned diners with impeccable food, and great little stores.

18. The Shopping

Because Texas is home to a wide variety of people and a diverse group of cultures, there are an abundance of both homemade and high end shops and boutiques. There are a couple of big outlets of big department and factory stores, that are in some of the outlying towns from Texas’ big name cities. You can pretty much find anything you are looking for at some store or another in the state.

19. The Honky Tonks

Country line dancing and dancing in general – to country’s biggest superstars – would be considered a regular night on the town here in Texas. Don’t know how to step? Well, that’s absolutely fine; more likely than not, there will be plenty of people at the country bar or hall that will be more than happy to show some southern hospitality and teach you. Tip: Wear cowboy boots.


20. Everything Is Bigger In Texas

The food (and the serving sizes), the events, the art, and the architecture are all bigger. People are larger than life here; the state itself is astoundingly large. What more could a person want?

Have any other reasons to visit Texas? Comment below!

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