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20 Reasons You Should Visit ARIZONA

Keep reading for 20 reasons you should visit Arizona!

1. Beautiful sunsets

“Where god paints the sky” is more than just a line in an Eric Church song!

2. Home to the Grand Canyon

Geo majors drooling everywhere…. a.k.a. me…

3. Amazing flora

Cacti and flowers all year round! Can I get a hallelujah?

4. Native American history and reservations

I meet people all over Tempe from reservations. I find it so cool to hear Navajo spoken in person and learn about what life is like on the reservation!

5. Plenty of places to hike

South Mountain, Four peaks, Camelback Mountain, Papago Park, Lake Havasu… the list goes on forever.

6. It’s the best place to camp and sleep outside

No need to worry about dewy grass in the morning because sand doesn’t get dewy! All you need is a sleeping bag and good company!

7. Festivals in the desert

Music festivals, concerts, raves, you name it! They happen weekly in Arizona!

8. Lively cities

Cities without all of the pollution? You will get to see actual plants and trees everywhere! And an extra perk, the Mill Avenue District in Tempe even has palm trees covered in LED lights year round.

9. Wearing summer clothes for (practically) the whole year

Besides a couple months for the “cold” season, you can wear sandals, shorts and tanks all the time!

10. Public transportation & bike racks

A lot of the buses are free and the ones that are not are only $1 per ride! They can take you pretty much anywhere in Phoenix and beyond. Bike parking is EVERYWHERE, which is not only convenient but also ecofriendly!

11. ASU

Go Devils! ASU was recently voted the most innovative university- beating out MIT and many other highly respected universities. It is also the largest campus in the United States!

12. Mexican Food…. Everywhere

Tacos, Burritos, Margaritas and so much more, all over the place!

13. Year round swimming

If the pool is heated, you can even swim on New Year’s! Otherwise swimming season is typically from March to November.

14. Short travel to California, Vegas, and of course Mexico!

Whether you want to go to the beach in Cali, Las Vegas, or to Burning Man in Nevada, or straight to Mexico for Spring Break, they are all just a few hours away!

See Also

15. National parks for dayzzzz

Tonto National Forest, Red Rock State Park, Saguaro National Park, and so many more!

16. Sedona

You can see the entire Milky Way in full color… need I say more?!?!

17. Meteor Crater

You can see and even explore part of an actual meteor site! It is the best preserved meteor site in the world!

18. Lowell observatory

You can see the telescope that was used by so many amazing astronomers! Fun fact: Pluto was discovered in Arizona at this very observatory.

19. It’s an ideal place to ride a motorcycle

Arizona is always hot and sunny for that motorcycle ride into the sunset. There is no weather to stop you from riding your hog all day every day!

20 . Sunshine

It’s just about always beautiful outside no matter which season we’re in. However, because it’s such direct sunlight, make sure to wear sunscreen to avoid skin damage from the sun’s rays!

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Alyssa Bailey

A Junior at Arizona State University Tempe Campus Pursuing a degree in Geological Sciences. She loves to hike, paint, and explore new places.

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