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20 Reasons the University of Miami is the Greatest School on Earth

20 Reasons the University of Miami is the Greatest School on Earth

20 Reasons the University of Miami is the Greatest School on Earth

Located in Coral Gables, FL, the University of Miami is not far from downtown Miami and the notorious South Beach. While many tourists escape the cold weather to visit Miami during the winter, students live in the area year round and enjoy the infamous city in all its glitz and glory. Whether you are interested in attending the University of Miami or are already a current student, here are 20 reasons why it is the greatest school on earth!

1. The Weather

You won’t have to worry about snow or winter clothes. Miami is known to have one of the highest temperatures in America year-round.


2. The Beautiful Campus

Palm trees are everywhere on-campus and students can walk by Lake Osceola on the way to class. During finals week, hammocks are placed between a few palms for students to use to relax or study.


3. The Miami Nightlife

It’s no secret that Miami is a party city. Students at the University of Miami thoroughly enjoy the bars and clubs of downtown and South Beach that stay open past 4 am.

4. The Diversity

One of the most diverse campuses in America, U Miami has nearly 1,700 foreign students that represent more than 110 countries, as well as domestic students who come from all 50 states in America. 36% of the faculty even consists of minorities.

5. The School Spirit

It’s all about the “U” and students bleed orange and green. During football season, everyone supports the Hurricanes…no matter what.


6. The Attractive students

Warm weather seems to attract good-looking, health conscious individuals which makes sense that the students of the University of Miami are known to be some of the most attractive in the country. Just take a look at the Delta Gamma recruitment video that went viral this year.

7. The High Quality Education

Sure, it’s located in a party city, but the academics are still exceptional. The professors are knowledgeable in the areas they teach and are willing to help students out as much as they can.

8. The Program Options

There are 12 different schools within the University of Miami, each with their own top programs, including the law and medical school.


9. The Pool

The Whitten University Center (UC) has a lakeside outdoor pool where students can swim, sunbathe, and relax anytime they want. Need I say more?

10. The Small Class Sizes

51.8% of the classes have less than 20 students, 39.9% have about 20-49 and 8.3% have 50 or more. This allows students to get to know their professors and share ideas in class.

11. The Help

The new Toppel Career Center building just opened a few years ago, and it was one of the greatest things the university has done. This center helps students find internships and jobs during and after college.


12. The Strong Alumni

Once you are a ‘Cane, you’re forever a ‘Cane. The University of Miami becomes family from the moment you step on campus to the moment you walk across stage at graduation. The Alumni Association remains active with every new student that joins.


13. The FOOD

There are many people from different countries in Miami, and the food certainly does a good job in showing off diversity of cultures. Many new restaurants have been opening up in Coral Gables, but it never hurts to explore the restaurants and culture in downtown Miami and Miami Beach.

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14. The On Campus activities

Many activities occur on campus, daily, for students to immerse themselves in. You’ll never get bored in between classes.

15. The Research Opportunties

The University of Miami is a research university that allows students to apply to opportunities on and off campus, whether it’s year-round or just during the summer.

16. ‘Canes Care For ‘Canes’

‘Canes Care for ‘Canes is a initiative to promote a caring community where students support each other – no matter what the difficulty or challenge is, they strive to help out.


17. The Rat

The Rathskeller or “The Rat” moved into a bigger space in the Student Activities Center back in 2013. Students can meet up here for specialty foods and cold beverages. “The Rat” also serves as a venue for live bands and comedy acts.

18. The Facilities

Literally everything you could think of.

19. The Extracurricular Activities

There are many opportunities to get involved on campus with more than 270 clubs and organizations, as well as 30 fraternities and sororities. The university even has a scuba club for those interested in underwater activities!


20. The Endless Supply of Entertainment

This is Miami. It’s not really a college town, but students make the most out of their years living near one of America’s most vibrant cities.
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