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20 Reasons Why the University of Maryland is the Greatest School on Earth

If you party hard and study hard, pack your bags and come down to College Park, Maryland! The University of Maryland offers something for everyone. A flagship institution, UMD is designed to enhance every student’s learning experience on multiple levels! Attracting students from over 79 countries, UMD’s diversity contributes to its rich campus life. If you still need to be convinced, check out these twenty reasons why the University of Maryland is the greatest school on Earth!

1. We have the best student section.

Cheers to us! Maryland has one of the nation’s finest student sections. The other team won’t even know what’s coming. In the past we’ve stunned them with flash mobs and choreographed cheers, including the Harlem shake.

2. We have the best mascot tradition.

Walk past McKeldin Library during finals week and you might just run into caution tape. Testudo is so highly adorned that officials have resorted to barring off the area around him. You can’t blame them when there’s been lamp posts, pool tables, deep fryers, and even water fountains around testudo. We’ve even had a giant head at some point.

3. Our school is in very close proximity to D.C.

Want to see the Cherry blossom festival? How about the lighting of the Christmas tree? D.C. is right next door. You have countless museums and national monuments at your disposal.

4. We have a great campus.

It literally looks like something out of a magazine. Explore, explore, explore! You can watch great sunsets from the mall or lay under a blossoming tree on Hornbake Plaza. Wherever you look, you can find something to marvel at.

5. There are wonderful research opportunities.

Maryland is a premier research university. Most of its faculty are researchers and double as professors. This makes it easy for students to find research opportunities on campus. Not to mention that the research being done at Maryland actually plays a HUGE role across the world! Recently, UMD established CODER, or Center for Orbital Debris Education and Research, to manage the problem of increasing amounts of space debris through government collaboration.

6. The Metro is accessible.

You can go visit D.C. or surrounding areas easily. It’s hard for students to have cars on campus sometimes. For those without cars the metro is the best form of transportation.

7. Route 1 Dining.

Route 1 offers a variety of dining options. You could head south or north of the university and still be met with replenishing options.

8. Route 1 Nightlife.

As soon as the weekend begins, there is a rush to get out onto route 1. One of the major reasons is because the nightlife here is great. There is a great atmosphere! If you’re looking to have a great time, you’ve got it.

9. Our cultural events and diversity.

Chances are, during the 15 minute walk to class, you will have passed students from at least 8 different countries. And that’s just the minimum. The diverse student body of Maryland adds to the rich atmosphere.

10. Terp swag is everywhere!

Terps don’t just bleed red. We bleed white, gold, and black as well! And to show it, sports events on campus hand out free Terp swag all the time! You can also grab some at the Stampfest or the First Look Fair. Any event where there are booths is an event where people are just itching to throw free stuff at you.

11. We have amazing on campus events.

At Maryland, you can catch any event from traditional events hosted by cultural groups to 5Ks for charity. Once a year, SEE, or Student Entertainment Events, hosts a concert featuring a top artist. In the past there has been Jessie J, Big Sean, Wale and more!

12. The Eppley Recreation Center.

The gym is always packed and for good reason! The Eppley Recreation Center offers a 50m competition pool, a 25 yard instructional pool, basketball courts, volleyball courts, squash courts, racquetball courts, a 2 floor weight room, a running track, a martial arts room and a rock climbing wall! Need I say more?

13. There’s always something new!

Maryland is constantly being renovated, which allows it to offer a variety of options to choose from for housing. There is a set of new luxury apartments every year! We are also expanding Cole Field House and installing The Hotel across Route 1!

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14. You can build your own major!

That’s right! At Maryland you can pick a major you like or make your own through the Individual Studies Program! We are all about thinking outside of the box, so you are welcome to propose your own college plan! Maryland staff will help you pick and construct your four-year plan so that it’s a perfect fit for you! This doesn’t just mean classes on campus. It can include study abroad, internships, and independent research.

15. The awesome alumni network.

From Under Armor to The Muppets, various celebrated brands were started by Maryland Alumni! As a Maryland Student, you have access to the Alumni network through Careers4Terps. You can contact Alumni established in a field that you are interested in and gather wisdom of what worked and what didn’t. Terps help each other out, even after you’ve graduated!

16. There are so many internship options!

The advantages of living close to D.C. never seem to end! Maryland students have a range of federal facilities open to them. A multitude of students have internships in NIH, in the House, in the Senate, and even at NASA! If you prefer to find an internship closer than D.C., there are still copious amounts of opportunities. For example, there is the Department of Energy in Germantown, the United States Courthouse in Greenbelt, and a Federal Research Center in Silver Spring.

17. Our Career Center.

The Career Center is exactly what you need to help transition into the professional world. From LinkedIn workshops to mock interviews, you can find any question you have about jobs or internships here! Employers also come and hold interviews that will let you acquire an internship off the bat, so keep your eyes open!

18. The various campus organizations.

Although Maryland is a big campus, you can make it smaller by getting involved in any of the 166 Academic organizations, 48 performing groups, 30 social clubs, and 74 Greek societies! And that’s not even the whole list! The First Look Fair in the Fall and Stampfest in the Spring exposes students to groups that will suit their needs.

19. Our campus is very eco-friendly.

Many of UMD’s residence halls have Green roofs, which means that there are gardens on top of them! UMD is all about sustainability.

20. We even make our own ice cream…

Maryland makes its own ice cream and it is AMAZING! Yes, UMD makes the ice cream on campus and its sold at the Stamp Student Union! It is a favorite among students and visitors alike
What are some other reasons that the University of Maryland is the greatest school on earth? Comment below and share your ideas with our readers!
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Niharika Kalla

Niharika Kalla is an undergraduate student at the University of Maryland. She wants to go into the medical field after graduation. During her free time she enjoys drawing and listening to music.

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