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20 Reasons Why UNCC Is The Best School On Earth

There’s little doubt among the students at the University of North Carolina Charlotte that we go to the best school on earth- but I wanted to share these reasons as to why with the internet- just for good measure. So keep reading to find out 20 reasons why UNCC is the best.

1. We’re so close to everything Charlotte has to offer.

Charlotte is a big city full of things to do, and at UNCC, we’re close enough to experience it all!

2. PNC arena is right around the corner.

The best outdoor arena is North Carolina is home to so many country concerts throughout the spring and summer and the close proximity makes it the place to spend your Friday or Saturday nights. It’s a quick shuttle ride away from UNCC.

3. The food at the new Panda Express is too good to ignore.

The newest food establishment on campus is the place if you’re looking for great Chinese food and its right in the Cone building!



4. Puppies are always on campus.

Need I say more?


5. There’s nothing like cheering on our 49’ers at any sporting event.

Whether it be football, soccer, basketball, or anything in between there isn’t a better student section than the ones you’ll find at UNCC.


6. Our botanical gardens make for the best mini adventure right on campus.

Right on campus there’s a huge (and beautiful) botanical garden that anyone could spend the afternoon getting happily lost in.

7. You could literally run into fellow students and alum anywhere.

With the enrollment numbers growing fast, it’s easy to meet fellow students even in the most unlikely places.

8. If you’re looking to go into teaching, business, or engineering- no other school will have a better academic program.

College is about getting an education too and UNC Charlotte offers some amazing programs!

9. The school year starts off with a concert on campus.

With the most recent visitor being Asher Roth, UNC Charlotte loves their music and always starts off the year with a concert on the West Quad.

10. Homecoming is celebrated with a comedy show.

With Kenan Thompson from SNL the most recent visitor- UNC Charlotte loves a good laugh to celebrate homecoming.


11. It can actually be fun to go to “Club” Atkins.

Our campus library (lovingly referred to as Club Atkins) can be fun because it can be a place to catch up with friends or catch a meal in between studying.


12. You’re bound to find a cause you’re passionate about easing awareness at a table in front of Prospector or the Union.

There’s tons of clubs on campus that support a variety of different causes so if you’re interested in lending a helping hand- you bet you’ll find you passion right in the middle of the Student Union.

13. You’ll run into so many friends and classmates in the Union that you’ll never be lonely.

The Student Union is where everyone tends to gather between classes so it’s the best place to meet up with your friends!

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14. The 4.0 smoothie at Atkins cafe is the best pick me up to make it through class.

This smoothie is so good and a super convenient snack in between classes or studying. If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s a must.

15. There’s plenty of trees for hanging up your Eno.

If you love chilling out in your hammock, the UNC Charlotte campus will not disappoint!

16. We’re getting a Light Rail stop right on campus.

This will make Uptown Charlotte even more accessible- how awesome is that?!

17. Even the non-outdoorsy can find something to marvel at in McMillan Greenhouse.

There’s so many different kinds of environments and so many awesome plants that everyone will find something they love!


18. Free events are always going on thanks to CAB.

We have the best Campus Activities Board ever that holds over 100 free events and cheap trips each school year!

19. Having a full menu, Bojangles is the perfect place to grab dinner.

I’m not joking when I say our Bojangles is equipped with all the menu items- that means all the biscuits you could ever want!


20. There’s no need for a stair master if you walk to class.

The best thing about all the stairs on campus!

If you have more reasons why you think UNCC is the best school on earth, comment them below and share!
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Faith Dumais

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