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20 Reasons Why UConn Is The Best School On Earth

20 Reasons Why UConn Is The Best School On Earth

As a senior at UConn, I can definitely say I’m proud to have spent the past three years at this school. There are so many reasons why I think UConn is the best school on earth. There are plenty of other great schools and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Here are my reasons for thinking why UConn is so fantastic:

1. The school spirit is so amazing and contagious.

You could hear someone start the UConn chant in a random spot on campus and everyone around would join in. It’s loud, fun and not even cheesy! Every student shows that they’re proud to wear blue and white on campus. The school spirit could be a reason to even brighten someone’s day!

2. The campus is beautiful.

This photo shows a garden on the roof of one of the classroom buildings on campus! That’s just a partial view of the campus’s beauty. There are beautiful fields of grass, the farm off horsebarn hill, our statues and decorative rocks around campus, as well as many other beautiful landmarks!



3. So many dining halls to choose from with unlimited food access.

Not many schools have unlimited meal access when you go into a dining hall. We even have dining halls open until 10pm!! I love food, so this is a great feature the school has. Not only is there unlimited access, you have a total of 9 dining halls to choose from!

4. The Dairy Bar’s ice cream.

If you’ve heard that UConn’s homemade ice cream is delicious, you heard right. People even visit campus just for the ice cream! Ice cream is my favorite dessert so I can definitely vouch for its deliciousness. It’ll definitely make you feel happy inside and out! It’s perfect after a long day of studying!



5. So many fellow sober driving students.

There is a very supportive atmosphere on campus. Many students offer sober rides Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights! They’ll offer to drive you somewhere you may need to go late at night, whether you’re drinking or not! You can feel safe, instead of walking alone on your way home from the library at 12am. Some students charge $2 per person, and some do not charge anything.

6. So many buses on campus to bring you where you need to go.

UConn offers 7 buses that travel around campus Monday-Thursday 7am-12am, Fridays 7am-9pm. Late Night bus starts from 9pm-2am and then there’s a Weekend shuttle Saturday and Sunday. The transportation services on campus are very helpful since the campus is its own city.


Bonus Tip: Depending on how fast you walk, it could take you a half hour to an hour for you to walk from one end of the campus to the other! For example, let’s say you walk from Mansfield Apartments to Husky Village – that’s a LONG walk. I wouldn’t even do that. This is where the buses come in handy! UConn has an app that even shows the GPS and times of the buses to help you prepare and get around campus!


7. Pet therapy.

Why not have some pet therapy with our very own Husky dog Jonathan the mascot? You can play some Pokémon go while you’re at it 😉



8. Bodywise is amazing.

Bodywise is a UConn Recreation program that facilitates fitness classes for students and faculty/staff. There are classes from Zumba to Spinning, Strength, HIT, Kickboxing, Pilates, CrossFit, Yoga, as well as more! They’re so much fun and VERY popular, so signing up for them gets hectic. Sign up early!

9. Student Basketball Tickets.

UConn has a student lottery where you can enter to win either all student tickets to Gampel pavilion, men or women, or all student tickets to the XL Center, men or women. You’re able to choose what you’d like! You do have to pay for the tickets if you win them, though! The opportunity to sit in the student section and REALLY feel that school spirit is so great. One should definitely experience it before they graduate/leave UConn.


10. Clubs & Organizations.

UConn has over 450 clubs and organizations on campus. If you have nothing to do with your life and you’re a UConn student with no friends, you have no excuse. GET INVOLVED. The opportunities could be ENDLESS. You could make so many friends, gain a lot of new experiences and learn many new things. Although, don’t get over-involved and have no time for schoolwork. School comes first!

11. Greek life.

UConn has over 30 fraternities and sororities. I’ve known many people in fraternities and sororities and have heard positive stories about those opportunities. You get to be a part of a family that cares about a serous cause, while being a student and brother/sister! You meet so many people and make a lot of memories, too!

12. Did I mention how beautiful the campus is?



13. Cows.

I don’t know about you, but I love cows. They make awesome noises and they’re absolutely beautiful. You can enjoy the scenery of horse barn hill and pet them at the same time!


14. Large university = so many opportunities!

UConn has one of largest undergraduate populations. It also has great professors that have a lot of knowledge in their fields. The Center for Career Development is also a great resource on campus because it helps students connect with employers, practice interviews and edit resumes!!

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15. You get to decorate your cap with the UConn mascot.

I CANNOT wait to decorate my graduation cap. UConn students have decorated their caps based on the school’s mascot, the school’s colors, parking tickets from UConn parking services, as well as many other UConn related ideas!!



16. Concerts.

There’s a concert in the Fall semester, as well as the Spring semester, and UConn’s SUBOG does a great job in picking great artists! I’ll admit, sometimes I wouldn’t even know who they were, but attending these cheap priced concerts is always fun with friends! Artists that have come to UConn vary from Fetty Wap to JCole and SchoolboyQ!

17. Basketball National Champs.

I’d like to think they speak for themselves!



18. Non-dry campus.

Once you’re legally allowed to drink, it’s nice to be able to drink with your close friends on campus and not worry about having to hide your alcohol. There’re sober rides on campus from fellow students, bars within walking distance, even a hotel on campus with a bar inside, too!

19. Oozeball.

Oozeball is a spring weekend event every year close to the end of the Spring semester before finals. It’s basically volleyball in the mud. Many students register in teams to play and have a blast. Everyone looks forward to it, whether they attend to watch or participate!!



20. If you like snow and wind, this campus is perfect for you.

I would never say a negative comment about UConn. I’ve been a very happy individual attending this university and would encourage anyone to attend!!!


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