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20 Reasons UCLA Is The Greatest School On Earth

20 Reasons UCLA Is The Greatest School On Earth


If you go here, you know that UCLA is the greatest school on Earth. For those of you who don’t, here’s why.

1. UCLA has a football team you actually want to go to football games for.

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2. We have 113 (and counting) NCAA championships.

Can you say that, USC?


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3. James Franco.

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4. We eat basically the best dining hall food in the nation.

delicious burger

5. Westwood movie premieres.

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6. It’s the birth place of the internet.

So basically, UCLA is the reason we can even function.

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7. Hot people.

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8. Nice weather.

beautiful beach in California


9. Celebrities on and around campus is NBD.

Zac Efron is here? Cool, but I already have a picture with him.

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10. The campus is pretty enough to get you out of bed for that early Monday morning class.

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11. Walking the hills automatically whips you into shape, whether you like it or not.

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12. This is a place where smart students are taught by the smartest of professors.

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13. It’s in LA, which is arguably the greatest city on earth.

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14. The opportunities are endless.

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15. We have nationally-ranked everything.

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16. We kids vibe well.

You know what I’m talking about, Berkeley.

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17. Diddy Riese.

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18. The students are passionate.

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19. There is so much going on, all the time.

Being bored isn’t a thing here.

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20. Because it’s UCLA.

Do we really need another reason?

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