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20 Reasons Temple Is The Best School On Earth

20 Reasons Temple Is The Best School On Earth


Whether you’re searching for potential schools, or already a Temple student, here are 20 reasons why Temple University is the best school on Earth!

1. Temple has THREE gyms, right on campus!

All three gyms are free for students, too. The IBC Student Rec Center contains a free weight area, an indoor track, racquetball courts, and group fitness classes. Pearson and McGonigle Halls contain a climbing wall, a fitness facility, rec courts, and pools. TUF also has a fitness and free weight center!  Wherever you are on campus, you can always find a gym close by! This means no Freshman 15 right?


2. Temple University’s Liacouras Center

From concerts, to basketball games, to comedy shows, the Liacouras Center is a flexible venue that holds various types of events. Just this past April, Presidential nominee Bernie Sanders came to the Liacouras Center to discuss his campaign. This November, vocal group Pentatonix is scheduled to perform a show!

3. The Food Trucks

Temple has food trucks all across campus. Whether you’re in your dorm, at the library, or getting out of class, you can always find food trucks right outside! This makes it convenient, especially if you only have a short amount of time to eat in between classes. You’ll never go hungry when there are so many options to choose from.


4. Hundreds of degree programs to explore.

One of the advantages to attending a large school is the variety of programs offered. Temple has hundreds of degree programs, including a plethora of majors, minors, track/concentrations, and certificates across its 17 schools and colleges. 



5. The large variety of clubs and organizations.

Temple has hundreds of clubs and organizations where students can make friends, gain leadership opportunities, and have fun! Organizations include Greek life, student government, and student media. Student media involves writing for the yearbook, getting involved with Temple’s WHIP radio, or working with the Temple News. More information can be found on the Owl Connect. Also make sure to attend the annual “Temple Fest” event to learn more about Temple’s clubs and organizations!

6. Temple University has its own app.

“TUMobile” is an application that is available to download from any mobile device. You can login by using the same username and password as the TUPortal. This app lets you see your schedule, grades, a campus map, and so much more. It is also a good idea to download the app when you move in, so you can see all the welcome week events Temple has planned. TUMobile is convenient, and most importantly, completely free!

7. The Amazing Advisors

Your advisor depends on the specific school or college you belong to at Temple. They help you schedule your classes and are there to answer any question you may have. The advisors also provide help and offer advice if you’re looking to change your major. They make the process go smoothly for an easy transition. You can always count on Temple’s advisors for support and encouragement!


8. Temple’s Unique “Fly In 4 Program”

The Fly In 4 Program is offered to all incoming freshmen at Temple. Becoming a Fly In 4 partner means that you are guaranteed to graduate in four years. To make sure you’re on track, you are required to meet with an advisor every semester. You are also automatically considered for a Fly In 4 scholarship, which is given to the students who show the most financial need.

9. The Writing Center

The Writing Center is located at the Tuttleman Learning Center. The staff provides one-on-one support for writers and can help with any subject. Students can schedule an appointment online, or come in for a walk-in session. The Writing Center is especially helpful when trying to revise your final papers. It is always a good idea to have someone look over your writing before submitting it.


10. The endless opportunities in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia offers many opportunities to volunteer, network, and find internships. All of the experiences you have and skills you obtain will help you find a career once you’ve graduated.


11. The art and culture in Philly.

Philadelphia is known for its art and culture. All over the city, you will see murals from the Philadelphia Murals Arts program, and you can visit the Philadelphia Museum of Art on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. Other attractions include the Liberty Bell, the Franklin Institute, Eastern State Penitentiary, Love Park, and the Magic Gardens! You can even take a tour of the Edgar Allan Poe National Historic Site located in the Spring Garden area! Philadelphia is also known as an LGBT-friendly city that has its own Gayborhood that runs for nine blocks and is filled with restaurants, clubs, and shopping centers! There is so much history, arts, and culture in Philadelphia that you just need to see in person!

12. The diversity at Temple.

Temple University is known for having such a diverse school population. Students come from not only around the country, but also around the world to study here in Philly!  Being in a city means being around so many different people. This gives students the perfect opportunity to learn about other communities and cultures.


13. The Study Abroad Program at Temple.

Temple University also has campuses in Rome and Japan, where you can study abroad. The study abroad program works with all majors. This program offers so many opportunities, such as learning another language and learning about another culture. It also helps when looking for a job, or applying to graduate school. Successfully completing a study abroad program waivers a student’s GenEd requirement for world studies. Temple also helps students find scholarships to help cover the cost of studying abroad. Students can study abroad at any time during their college career and however many times they would like!


14. The Professors at Temple.

Temple’s professors offer valuable information, support, and guidance to advance students’ college career. They work with Blackboard, which is a service offered to both students and professors, to effectively communicate. On Blackboard, students can not only find the professor’s email, but also their classmates’ emails as well. The professors also work hard to post grades and assignments online as soon as possible. Temple’s professors always work to help you get that A!

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15. Temple’s continuous advancements.

Temple University is always striving forward to achieve more than the year before. Currently, Temple is working on developing a new library, which is scheduled to be completed in 2018. The library will be 210,000 square feet, which is about the size of a city block.

16. Campus Safety Services

Temple University offers many resources and programs to ensure the safety of its students. Temple has its own police station right on campus, which can be found between Beasley and Polett Walks. There are also security guards patrolling the campus day and night. Students can contact campus safety services at 215-204-1234. Temple University also offers a Walking Escort Program, which can be contacted at 215-777-9255. The escort service is available daily from 4:00pm – 6:00am. Another program is the Flight Shuttle Service, where students can be picked up and dropped off at certain locations. Finally, there are emergency posts all over campus, where students are a button away from contacting police in case of an emergency.


17. Temple has its own movie theater.

The Reel is located in the Student Center South Underground. Tickets are $2 with a Temple University ID, and $4 without one. The Reel shows the newest movies, even before they’re released on dvd. There is also another movie theater located next to campus. The Pearl Theater is located at 1600 N Broad St, and students receive a discount with their TUID!



18. On-Campus Student Jobs

Temple offers many opportunities for student employment. On the TUPortal, click on “student jobs” to find a catalog of locations looking to hire students on campus. You can easily apply and post your resume on the website.


19. Convenient Eateries/Stores

If you need to go food shopping, the Fresh Grocer is located next to Morgan Hall. If you’re looking for a convenient store, there is a Rite Aid next to White Hall and a 7 Eleven right on campus. There are also many places to eat right on Broad Street, such as Wendy’s, Pita Chip, Koja Grille, Tony Luke’s etc. There is a Starbucks at the Tech Center, in case you’re staying up late writing a paper or studying for midterms. If you want to go shopping, you can take the bus or subway right into center city! Everything that you will need is only a short walk or subway ride away.

20. The Reputation

Temple University is number 115 on U.S. News & World Report’s Best Colleges 2016 ranking. The Fox School of Business is number 41 in the U.S. for top business schools. The Beasley School of Law is number 50 in the nation, the College of Education is number 55, the Lewis Katz School of Medicine is number 54 for research, and Tyler’s glass program is number 2 in the country! There is a lot to be proud about as a Temple student!

What are some other aspects that makes Temple University an amazing place to be? Comment your thoughts!
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