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20 Reasons Why SUU is the Greatest School on Earth

20 Reasons Why SUU is the Greatest School on Earth

Southern Utah University (SUU), located in Cedar City, Utah, and home of the Thunderbirds, is the perfect school to attend or visit because of its friendly people, beautiful outdoors, and excellent education. Here are 20 reasons that prove it is actually the greatest school on earth!

1. Hands-on Experience

SUU is all about giving students experience they can put on a resume by the time they graduate. The school newspaper, radio station, TV station, etc., are all run by students.

2. Individualized Learning

With small class sizes, professors can put more focus on helping each student succeed. They spend a lot of time giving students personalized feedback, and all of your professors know you by name.


3. Accomplished Professors

Many of the professors at SUU boast amazing accomplishments, from which they bring knowledge to their students in the classroom. For example, some professors in the criminal justice department have served in international positions, while many of the English professors are published writers.

4. Thunderbirds Get Jobs

According to SUU Student Affairs, graduating Thunderbirds have a 94% job placement rate.

5. Internship Opportunities

SUU students have many opportunities to apply for summer internships — especially internships at national and state parks and helping at summer camps.


6. Affordable Education

SUU is affordable compared to many other universities. Resident tuition for a full-time student is around $3,000 per semester, and non-resident tuition is around $9,000 per semester.

7. Affordable Housing

There’s a lot of apartments around town to choose from, student and non-student, and most of them fall within an affordable price range (especially for the broke college student budget).

8. Diversity

SUU has enrolled students from about 37 different countries.


9. Outdoor Nation Champions

Fall semester 2015, SUU entered the Outdoor Nation challenge and won! Thousands of SUU students participated in getting outdoors and documenting it— more than any other participating school in the nation.

10. University of the Parks

SUU has officially been re-branded the “University of the Parks.” SUU is within hours of countless national and state parks, national monuments, and other recreation areas. The Outdoors center at SUU even offers students about 50 free trips each semester.

11. Beautiful Campus

While SUU is close to so many beautiful landscapes, the campus itself is pretty beautiful and is set against the backdrop of red canyons.


12. Friendly Classmates

Because SUU is a smaller university, students get to see the same people on-campus and in class frequently – a great way to make lasting friendships.

13. Cedar City Community

Cedar City is a friendly, fairly small community. With under 30,000 residents and lots of locally-owned shops, the town feels close-knit and welcoming.

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14. Quirky Local Shops

Some of the most fun and quirky locally-owned shops include: Gunjah, the local comic book, bead, and board game shop, and Groovacious, the local record store.

15. Service-Oriented Students

SUU has made the President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll for service hours completed several times in the last five years.

16. Countless Clubs

There are more than 160 clubs and organizations students can join.


17. On-Campus Activities

There are tons of on-campus activities such as guest speeches, poetry readings, concerts, comedy shows, and other events to attend each year, and they’re always either free or cheap for students.

18. Utah Shakespeare Festival

People come from all over to participate in and watch the plays put on at SUU for the Utah Shakespeare Festival. It even won a Tony Award in 2000.

19. President Scott L. Wyatt

Just like the dedicated professors at SUU, President Wyatt is also dedicated to his school and students. President Wyatt takes the time to interact with his students: he even has helped scrape snow off their cars before.


20. The Diverse Weather

As is normal for Utah weather, Cedar City experiences all types of weather from snow, to heat, to hail, to rain. Most of the time though, even when the winter is freezing, the sun still shines in Cedar City.
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