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20 Reasons SUNY Cortland Is The Greatest School On Earth

20 Reasons SUNY Cortland Is The Greatest School On Earth

1. The Student Life Center

This building is BEAUTIFUL. It has every workout machine you can imagine, a dining facility, a pool, and a rock wall. Need I say more?

2. The Hot Tub That Can Fit 30 People

3. The Cortaca Game

Ithaca (our rival) and Cortland get together every year in November for their annual Cortaca football game. Cortland has won five years in a row now, so its pretty clear who’s better.

4. Calios

At this calzone restaurant you can make any calzone flavor you want, no matter how strange it is. And they deliver until 4 a.m.


5. The Scenery

6. Our Mascot’s Name Is Blaze

7. The Clubs

There’s an infinite number of clubs, ranging from the hula hoop club to the quittage club.

8. Long Island Bagel

If you’re from Long Island like me, you’re probably very picky about your bagels. This restaurant actually imports their bagels from Long Island so you will feel right at home.

9. The Jets

The jets practice over here during the summer, so you could potentially have a run-in with one of these pro athletes.


10. We Have Laser Tag In Corey Union

11. Spring Fling

Over the years, we’ve had performers such as Wiz Khalifa and Big Sean.

12. Chicken Bacon Ranch Day

Everyone at SUNY Cortland knows CBR day is the day to take advantage of our unlimited meal swipes.


13. Oh Yeah, We Have Unlimited Meal Swipes

14. Grocery Bingo

This is a spin that Cortland puts on bingo where you can win huge bags of groceries – crucial!


15. The Vending Machine

It’s open 24 hours and has everything from frozen food to shampoo.

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16. The Child Care Center

Even if you’re not doing your observation hours here (for education majors) it’s always cute to see little kids walking around.


17. Our School Apps

We have apps to track everything from our laundry to the campus buses.

18. Greek Life

Greek life is present on campus and their houses are huge. There’s even one called The Castle.

19. The RAs

The RAs often do many activities in the residence halls where they have FREE FOOD, so you don’t even need to leave your building to eat.


20. The People

The friends I’ve made at SUNY Cortland have truly become like family.

Have any other reasons SUNY Cortland is the greatest school on Earth? Comment below!

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