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20 Reasons SJU Is The Best School On Earth

20 Reasons SJU Is The Best School On Earth

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

I feel pretty lucky to be a Johnny,

And you should too.

I know those are strong sentiments, but please let me explain why SJU is the most awesome university on the planet!


1. We are home to the past, present and future Johnnies.

Our community may be small, but our University is filled with great people who will try their best to see their fellow Johnnies succeed.


2. Campus resources.

There are many resources around the SJU campus to help students on their path towards self-growth while earning their degrees.



3. When we call ourselves metropolitan, we mean it.

We’re 45 minutes from New York City.


4. We are located in one of the most diverse areas in New York State.

We are the Johnnies of Queens.

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Our sunsets are majestic.

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5. Our campus is filled with people from all walks of life.

Hong Kong, London, California, Texas and almost anywhere you can imagine.


6. Our study abroad program allows us to explore the world from the comfort of St. John’s University campuses.

We have campuses in not one, but more than three countries. We are the Johnnies of the World.


7. We get a first class education, provided by first-rate professors.


8. Our campuses are some of the most beautiful places in America.


9. We have tutoring and writing services at your request.

The professionals also notify your professors about your efforts outside of the classroom.


10. Discover New York classes are for all St John’s University Students.

The school offers free trips to New York City destinations, because it’s a part of the curriculum.


11. St. John’s expects and supports students being true to themselves.


12. Our winter and spring carnivals are legendary.


13. Career Services provides the extra push students need and helps everyone with their professional ambitions.


14. We are a Vincentian university.

We improve our communities through service. I personally did community service in Rome, and it was one of the most fulfilling moments of my life.


15. We have the some of the most modern dorms in NYC.


16. We treat our friends like family.


17. We have many on-campus employment opportunities for students.


18. Monty’s accompanied by Angela’s Omelets make 7:30 AM classes almost worth it.



19. Our concerts are a blast.

We’ve had performances from French Montana, Lupe Fiasco, J.Cole and Nas.


20. We’re awesome, because this list could so easily be 100 reasons why SJU is the best school ever.


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