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20 Reasons Rutgers University is the Greatest School on Earth

If you are currently attending Rutgers University, you know it is the greatest school on earth. If you have already graduated, you can reminisce as to why. And if you are about to attend Rutgers University next year, these are some things you can look forward to! Keep reading for 20 reasons why Rutgers University is the greatest school on earth.

1. There’s So Much To Do

From admiring stars at the Robert A. Schommer Astronomical Observatory to climbing the rock wall at the College Ave gym, there are so many ways to keep yourself busy.

2. The Location

The scenery at Rutgers is truly beautiful. Passion Puddle on Cook campus is breathtaking especially in autumn, with the backdrop of brightly colored leaves.

3. The Staff

The professors actually care about your education and future. They will go out of their way to help you succeed. Maintenance workers are beyond friendly and kind. I’m on a first name basis with the ones at my dormitory!

4. The Classes

There is a wide variety of classes at Rutgers to take. You can take anything from “Diction for Singers” to “Harnessing Solar Energy.” Yes, there is even a class called “The Hero’s Quest: Religion, Mythology and Harry Potter.”

5. The Social Aspect

Alright, everyone knows that Rutgers is a party school. There are parties held nearly every night, so students sometimes get carried away. But hey, what’s college without a little fun? You’ll learn the valuable lesson of self control.

6. The Distinction

Each campus sort of caters to a different area of focus. So if you’re an engineer, you’ll be spending a lot of time on Busch. And if you’re a singer, you’ll frequently venture on Cook/Douglas. It makes life a lot easier.

7. The Resources

I can’t even tell you how much of a life saver it is to be able to print an essay up late at night in the computer lab when your printer breaks. I also like the Rutgers database too, that can help you easily find scholarly journals and articles.

8. The Opportunities

There is both a fall and a spring career fair every year in which students can dress up and meet possible employers. Students learn how to participate in interviews, and gather information on how to further their career.

9. The Students

It’s only my second semester at Rutgers but I know that I’ve made some lifelong friends. Most students are very helpful (such as when you get lost,) and are genuinely good people.

10. The Events

How many other colleges have annual dance marathons and homecoming bed races? The Rutgers community really comes together and when you attend an event, you really feel like part of a big, happy family.

11. The Generosity

The Rutgers community has raised so much money for those in need. Derby Days this year raised over $220,000 for Children’s Specialized Hospital.

12. The Media

The university has many forms of media for all types of students. There are Instagram accounts, Facebook pages, news websites, and so much more, that help keep you up to date on everything Rutgers-based.

13. The Help

Rutgers has a service that allows you to call, text, or email someone if you have any questions or concerns regarding the university. Also, if you’re ever feeling stressed or need someone to talk to, Rutgers has a program called CAPS (Counseling and Psychological Services) that offers assistance to students. The range of options makes it possible to get over any obstacles that hinder a student in his/her college life.

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14. What We Represent

Rutgers is a well known university. And we have a lot to live up to, whether it be through sports, academics, or even charity work. We all give everything we participate in 110%, in an attempt to honor our university.

15. The Food

Compared to other dining halls, the food here isn’t half bad. Plus, there are tons of other restaurants and stores like Starbucks, Hidden Grounds, and Qdoba.

16. The Talent

You can’t truly appreciate the abilities of an in individual until you witness them firsthand. Rutgers has so many students with a variety of majors. Some students are even double majoring, and others plan to head to med or law school.


17. The Area

Rutgers wasn’t built in a totally secluded area. Some of the campuses boarder downtown New Brunswick, where local residents live and shop. It reminds you that the world outside of college is real, and it keeps you humble.

18. Our Football Pride

C’mon. Everyone loves our football games. Even if we don’t win all the time, we still come together and root for our players and have a great time.

19. The Wildlife

The first time that I came to Rutgers, I couldn’t believe that I had seen a deer. Now that I live on campus, it’s a usual occurrence, but beautiful nonetheless.

20. Our Apparel

What’s more beautiful than sporting our blinding red hoodies with the name of the best University from the states?
Any other reasons you can think of as to why Rutgers University is the greatest school on earth? Comment below and share this article!
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I'm a sophomore at Rutgers University. I love to listen to music and read :)

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