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20 Reasons Why Plymouth State Is The Best School On Earth

Everyone thinks that their university is the best, and they’re entitled to their opinion. I’m so happy that I chose Plymouth State over all the rest. Keep reading for 20 reasons why I think that Plymouth State is the best school on Earth!

1. Location, location, location!

We are right in the middle of beautiful New Hampshire. We are just minutes from the mountains, about an hour from the beach, and 30 minutes from the outlets. There is a lot to do within an hour from the school.

2. There’s plenty to do in downtown Plymouth.

So, not interesting in driving today? No problem! Downtown Plymouth has a cute little bookstore, tons of trendy restaurants, and it is all within walking distance from campus. We can seriously see downtown Plymouth from the entire campus! Need Wal-Mart or Rite-Aid? That is only a two minute drive from campus!

3. The small class size.

Our professor to student ratio is small, which means professors get to know you and keep on you about your assignments. This can be bad for some, but if you are like me and like that extra boost from professors, PSU is the best place to be.

4. The variety of majors.

We have a lot to choose from. Yes, we have the typical business, educator, and nursing programs. But we also have adventure education, dramatic writing, and even interdisciplinary studies where you practically create your own major. How cool is that?!


5. Ski Day!!

Once a year, PSU calls off all classes for a day and takes the students to a near by mountain (because we have plenty) and we can ski or snowboard for the entire day! Don’t know how to do either? That is okay because lessons will be available that day, too!

6. The views around campus!

If waking up to a view of breathtaking mountains does not make you feel at peace here, I do not know what will. These mountains are incredible and are surrounding the campus like a beautiful picture. It truly is amazing and it never gets old.

7. Uphill walking gets the heart pumping.

Talk about an instant workout…


8. The unique opportunities!

This goes without saying. We have endless opportunities to make sure we succeed.

9. The HUB

The HUB is where it is at. It has the bookstore, PO Boxes, a radio station, newspaper publishing, fireplace, exercise classes, the gym, a place to grab a snack, and more.

10. Welcome back week events.

Welcome back week never disappoints. It is so much fun and it is definitely a highlight of the semester.

11. We are a green campus!

We really try to be as green as possible and love our earth. I feel this is very important.

12. A great graduate program.

If you love PSU so much, you can stay and get your masters!


13. We have a secret beach!

Shhh…don’t tell anyone I told you!

See Also

14. Skating at the ice arena!

We have a huge ice arena on campus that is a great spot to have fun and get some exercise. Oh, did I mention it is free for students? Score!

15. A sense of community.

Since Plymouth is so small (the college and the town), we all feel like a little family. The community feel here is so strong and it is such a great feeling.

16. Fall in New Hampshire.

Fall in New England is already brilliant, but fall in the mountains in the middle of New Hampshire? Well that is just breathtakingly beautiful.

17. There’s a club for everyone!

And no, I do not mean party type clubs, I mean clubs that students can join to better themselves and the community. We have countless clubs to join that its so hard to choose which one(s) you want to join!

18. Fitting in is easier.

Here at Plymouth State, we do not care who you are. There is always a spot for you and whatever you bring to the school.

19. Panther Pride

Going to a college with great school spirit is important to a lot of perspective students. If you are one of them, Plymouth State is for you.


20. Peace of mind!

That comes with knowing you chose the right college. Nothing compares to that!


What do you think makes Plymouth State the best school? Feel free to comment below and share the article!
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Jaimie Mitchell

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