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20 Reasons Having Your Period is the Absolute WORST

1. It feels like someone is stabbing you in the lower stomach with a knife.

Now, if you are someone like me, period cramps are okay to deal with (thank you birth control). But it wasn’t all a walk in the park; sometimes it honestly feels like daggers being twisted into your uterus. Yes, it gets that bad.

2. Blood is literally pouring out of you.

This is kind of a no-brainer, but a reason why having your period is the worst none-the-less. There is blood coming out of your lower region and let me tell you, it is not fun. And God forbid you sneeze…or cough.


3. You feel like a beached whale.

Thanks to the water that you retain when having your period, you feel so bloated. Not only do you feel gross, you also have trouble fitting into your jeans during this time (why you think wearing jeans is a good idea, I will never know). I highly suggest sweats or yoga’s during this week of hell.

4. Pickles and ice cream sounds scrumptious…topped with barbecue sauce.

If you are like me, your cravings are all over the place when having your period, and it makes you scared for when you actually do get pregnant. You can go from craving something sweet like chocolate, to something salty like pretzels, or even just something really greasy like french fries or chicken fingers…or all three at once.

5. You are hungry. Like, ALL the time.

Along with insane cravings, having your period means you are hungry all day, every day. For 5-7 days you never feel full, which adds to the vicious cycle of feeling bloated because you ate too much because you were craving multiple things at once. This then leads to a ton of regret for the monstrosity you just consumed.

6. Your boobs hurt.

This personally doesn’t happen to me, but for some people it gets pretty bad. I already discussed the body retaining water. What I didn’t mention is that the body missed the memo to evenly distribute this water. Instead, it stocks up in your stomach, hips and boobs. Thanks bod.

7. You could drink the entire Mississippi River and still not be satisfied.

Now I don’t know if this happens to anybody else, but I am always extremely thirsty when I have my period – just aiding to the water retention.

8. You feel like you are sitting in a sauna 24/7.

Let me put it this way, you are never cold during that lovely time of the month. Makes me terrified of menopause.

9. You can’t decide if you’re the happiest person in the world, or if you want to punch someone in the face.

One minute you are happy, then the next you’re sad, then you’re angry, and it’s just a never ending cycle. When having your period, you go through so many emotions that people should probably watch what they say because the strangest thing may set you off, at any second.

10. The moment you realize you forgot to bring a tampon…

You are left with a few unattractive options. You can ask around to see if any of your friends have one (but that can be awkward). You could use the dispenser in the bathroom, but that also requires a quarter so if you don’t have change on you, you are S.O.L! If you are in the vicinity of a nurse or medical center you could go ask for one there – but again, that is just an awkward situation (believe me, I know). Or, of course, you can just improvise with what you have – which usually means wadding up a bunch of toilet paper into your underwear and hoping for the best.

11. By the end of your period, everything you’ve worn is stained.

This might be the absolute worst part about having your period. Seriously, nothing can top the embarrassment of a big period stain on the back of your pants. The worst part about it? It happens out of nowhere. One minute your pants are fine and then the next thing you know, it’s like you sat on top of a red velvet cake. It happens to the best of us, trust me I know.

12. Suddenly your face resembles that of a boy going through puberty.

You think your skin is doing fine, you’re having a really good month with clear skin and then BAM, you’re suddenly covered in breakouts. You can thank your hormones for that one.

13. Taking a shower looks like a scene from a horror movie.

Honestly. You take off your clothes, step under the water, look down, and question if you’ve just been stabbed – the amount of blood is seriously concerning.

14. Aunt Flow usually decides to visit when you are completely unprepared.

While some girls get their periods exactly on schedule, knowing 100% when their next one will come – others are not quite so lucky. The worst part about not knowing when your period will come? Refer back to #10.

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15. And that constant worry of “When will it come?” just plain sucks.

The body’s a weird thing. You think you’ve got it down pat – you know exactly when your period will come, you’ve marked it on the calendar – and then (5 days early) your bod decides that it wants to change things up on you. It’s a constant guessing game.

16. You become a paranoid freak when you’re out in public.

I can’t even tell you how many times I go to the bathroom a day, just to check if blood has seeped through my pants. This is probably every girl’s biggest fear when having your period – hence the paranoia. After years of getting your period though, you become a pro at hiding the leaks.

17. You poop…A LOT.

This is probably really gross, but it is a fact of nature. When you’re having your period you poop a lot, like way more than usual. And no I am not exaggerating, I’m sure many girls can relate to this but don’t want to admit it.

18. It lasts a whole. Damn. Week.

This is kind of obvious, but come on, a week? Sure, some of you get away with four or five days of having your period; but I, on the other hand, am not that lucky. A full blown week of horror.

19. Somehow every girl around you has their period at the same time.

They say that when you live with someone long enough you start to sync up having your period together. This couldn’t be truer; when you live with the same people, you all end up on similar cycles. All I have to say is, it’s not fun dealing with each other when you are all going through the emotions that a period brings. On the other hand this is good news for the men of the house…might as well get it over all at once.

20. The week of having your period becomes the longest week of your life. Until next month.

The end of the third day – I’m over it. Hungry all the time, incredibly moody, and of course, constantly bloated…please make it stop. I can’t wait for the freedom of not wearing a tampon…until 28 days later, when you get to start all over again.

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Alison Mandara

Alison Mandara is a college student at Fredonia. She is studying to be a childhood inclusive education major and also has her concentration in English. When she has the time you can usually find her watching Netflix (One Tree Hill), doing some sort of DIY project (thank you Pinterest) or is hanging out with her friends.

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