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20 Reasons Why Ole Miss Is The Best School On Earth

University of Mississippi, AKA Ole Miss, is obviously the greatest school on earth. But if you need some examples as to why, we got twenty of ’em. Keep reading for twenty reasons why Ole Miss is the best school on earth, as if you didn’t already know!

1. There is a strong sense of belonging.

Ole Miss really includes everyone when they are students at the university from Greeks to Non Greeks, to football players to members of the band. Ole Miss is one big family where everyone has a sense of belonging.

2. We have awesome Game Day attire.

Heels to pearls to button down shirts and ties, Ole Miss game day attire is something Ole Miss is known for. What other school is known for dressing up to attend the Saturday night game other than Ole Miss?


3. We have the Walk of Champions.

Hours before kick off the team gets out of the charter bus and are greeted by thousands of fans while walking through the historic Walk of Champions.

4. We are ranked for our academics.

Ole Miss academics are also very strong. Ole Miss school of accountancy is ranked number 9 in the nation for bachelors and masters and ranked number 2 in the SEC.

5. We are also known for our Greek Life.

Ole Miss is known for Greek life. With 41% of students are involved with Greek the Ole Miss campus is really Greek friendly. With 15 fraternities and 11 sororities you are bound to find members of a fraternity or a sorority in one of your classes…


6. Being the only team in the SEC that is able to beat Alabama…

Ole Miss has been the only team able to beat Alabama in the 2014 and the 2015 season. Ole Miss defeated Alabama by 23 to 17 in 2014 and 43 to 27 in 2015. Ole Miss is really trying to make it a rising tradition.


7. We have the BEST traditions.

Many incoming freshmen choose a college based on traditions, I am one of them. Ole Miss has many traditions that every student loves to participate in. The Grove, The Walk of Champions, Welcome Week, and of course the chant that will never get old, Hotty Toddy!


8. We Lock the Vaught.

Locking arms with the people beside you, swinging side to side, lock the Vaught is a must if you attend an Ole Miss game. Players run out of the tunnel just before kickoff being welcomed by thousands and thousands of Ole Miss students swinging together.


9. Trash can Fridays before game day.

Trashcan Fridays also known as “ Christmas Eve” for some students mark the day before game day. Trashcan Fridays really signify that the game is the next day!

10. We have Chad Kelly.

To any Ole Miss football fan this name is very familiar, Chad Kelly is a huge player on the Ole Miss football team.


11. The gorgeous oak trees.

Ole Miss is covered by thousands and thousands of oak trees. Not only the grove but the whole campus is surrounded by beautiful oak trees.

12. The square has everything you could ever need.

Just miles by campus is the square, where you can grab a bite to eat, grab drinks with friends, or buy a dress for formal. There are many restaurants to choose from, cute little stores to shop in, and bars to have fun in.

13. We have Insomnia cookies.

Also in the square is Insomnia cookies. Insomnia is open until 3AM everyday, has more than 10 different types of cookies, and also delivers to campus!

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14. There are so many free T-shirts.

Pretty much any event you attend will get you a free tee. By the end of the semester you will collect so many t-shirts, and most of the time you will not want to get rid of them because all of the memories you and the tee have shared together.

15. The flowers on campus.

Watching flowers bloom months after a snow storm (yeah, snow in Mississippi) is so satisfying. Ole Miss Landscape Services uses 10,000 flowers per season to change out the flowers on campus!

16. C stores and pods exist so you don’t need to venture far for some food.

In many dorms there are C stores. It’s where to get your late night snack or lunch between classes! It’s just a short walk from your dorm to the C store! The C stores take either Plus 1 Meals, Flex Dollars, Cash, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and Ole Miss Express!


17. You can’t help but love the campus squirrels.

While I was at orientation my lovely father would stop and take pictures of every squirrel he saw! He would ask me to stop walking so he could snap a picture of the squirrels running across the Grove, or while it just sits there eating an acorn! Pretty much anywhere you walk on campus you will find a squirrel!


18. The random 18 MPH speed limit…

It’s not 10 miles per hour and it’s not 20 miles per hour it’s 18! The first thing many people notice while driving onto campus is the speed limit being 18! The speed limit is 18 because of the famous Archie Manning!

19. You know what’s coming as soon as you hear Are You Ready?

Hell Yeah Damn Right! Any Ole Miss student knows how to respond to Are You Ready. Are You Ready is the start of the Hotty Toddy chant that has no meaning but means the world to Ole Miss fans!

20. Ole Miss will always be your home.

Although many students come as an out of state student Ole Miss will always be home! It always has a magical feeling like the feeling you get on Christmas day! Once you leave for break you will want to come back “home” again!

What are some other reasons Ole Miss is the best school on earth? Comment below and share this article with friends!
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Emily Floyd

Emily Floyd was born and raised in Texas but will be attending Ole Miss for hospitality. After graduation Emily plans on being a resort coordinator at a beach!

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