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20 Reasons Your Older Sister Is Your Best Friend

We’d be lost without her, and we know how lucky we are to be siblings. She knows you better than anyone, and supports you to the highest degree. It’s no wonder your older sister is your best friend.

1. She took all the flak from your parents so you didn’t have to.

Being the first child, your sister was the one your parents focused all their worry toward. While she got grounded for weeks for staying out past curfew, you were able to sneak in the back window without much reprimand. Your older sister was the one who proved to your parents that you can get a C- in Algebra and still be successful in other ways.


2. She tells off your enemies without making you look like a loser.

When you need someone to back you up when dealing with a bully or that awful girl who stole your boyfriend, your older sister is there in a heartbeat to put those people in their place. You and your sister are an unstoppable team.

4. She helped you grow up.

Your older sister is your best friend because she let you know it was okay to have a crush on a boy, to swear when you were angry (or when you weren’t), and to watch that R-rated movie. She helped you make that awkward transition from being a girl to being a woman, without holding you back.


5. She did it without talking down to you… too much.

Since your sister is closer to you in age than your parents, she can empathize with you on a more equal level. She isn’t an authority figure, and she doesn’t have to worry about enforcing rules or keeping you naïve. She doesn’t judge your youthful perspective as valueless just because you’re inexperienced, and she respects your decisions, fears, and dreams. There are times she might think she’s better than you, but she can relate to your experiences more closely than your parents can.

6. She helped you find your fashion sense.

I can’t count the amount of times I was getting dressed and asked my older sister, “what should I wear?” She’s been there and she’s done that. Your older sister is your best friend because she will always tell you that those shoes do not go with that dress.

7. She taught you how to break the rules.

Your older sister is your best friend because she was the one who told you whether it was best to take a stand or lie low, or if there was a certain way you could phrase a request so that you’d get a pass. She knows what to do if you get caught drinking or how to get away with breaking the rules. She learned how to the hard way so that you don’t have to.

8. Her closet is your closet.

Sometimes you borrow with permission and sometimes you let her figure out that you’re already wearing the top she was planning to. Either way it pans out, she’ll always let you get away with wearing her clothes. And the best part is, it’s free!

9. She introduced you to the stuff you love.

Whether it’s a TV show or makeup, she’s the one who gets you hooked.


10. Dinner is on her.

She would make you dinner or order pizza when your parents were out. She was the first one to get a real job so she picked up the tab during your last Panera run.

11. She gives you advice on dating.

If you need advice on a certain someone, your sister can share her own experiences. Whether it’s a question of what to wear on a date or whether or not you should dump a guy, your older sibling has helpful insight to bring to the table.

12. She gave you rides.

Before you had your license, your sister was there to bring you the places you needed (or just wanted) to go.

13. She made you seem more interesting to your peers.

Being the legacy to a homecoming queen candidate helped with the transition to high school for sure. When the upperclassmen already knew you as someone’s younger sibling, you were bound to be seen in a positive light by your peers.

14. She helped you learn how to drive.

When it finally came time to get your license, your sister probably provided you with some invaluable assistance. Some was good and some was bad, but the lessons she taught you will always stick with you when you’re behind the wheel.

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15. She got you alcohol.

Your older sister wasn’t afraid to bend or break the rules for you. Chances are high that she got you alcohol and other goodies when you couldn’t.

16. She forgives you for your irrational anger.

Now and again, all of us have irrational moments. When you blew up at your friends, though, maybe they didn’t forgive you. Your older sister, on the other hand, has probably forgiven you for all sorts of things that others never would.

17. She reminds you of your family obligations.

What’s Dad’s second cousin’s wife’s name again? Your older sister knows. She’s the one reminding you of your mom’s birthday, or what to say at your grandfather’s funeral.

18. She’s got your back.

If you’re in a bind, your sister always has a place to crash and a meal to serve.

19. She shares all your childhood memories.

Your older sister is your best friend because she can look back with you and reminisce on the past. She shares a lot of your best memories of childhood and a lot of your worst ones too. If you are trying to cope with something painful from your past, she is there to give you some perspective.

20. She’ll always be your person.

Your big sister is someone who will be connected to you for the rest of your life, by both blood and choice. You already have your maid of honor for your wedding picked out, and someone to share woes with on life’s trials and tribulations. Your older sister will forever be there for you as your friend and role model.

Have any other reasons your older sister is your best friend? Comment below!

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