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20 Reasons Why KSU Is The Best School Ever

20 Reasons Why KSU Is The Best School Ever


Whether you are a current, past, or future students at KSU, you know why your school is the best. But are you sure you know all the reasons as to why it’s the best school on earth? Keep reading for 20 reasons why KSU is the best school ever!

1. The KSU Family

Once you step onto the campus, you become a part of the K-State Family. We are one giant, purple family, and we are always there for each other.

2. Friendly Atmosphere

KSU has such a friendly and belonging atmosphere. You are sure feel at home, since it is a great place for people from all walks of life.


3. Beautiful Campus

No matter the season, KSU has a beautiful campus. My favorite seasons are the fall and winter; I love to see crunchy leaves in the fall and snow during the holidays!


4. Dedicated Faculty & Staff

KSU faculty and staff really do care about your learning. They are always there to help you in any way you need so that you can excel at your academics.


5. Football and Sports

We have one of the best football teams around and you can definitely feel the surge of excitement in the air whenever a home game is approaching. We have an extensive sports program, so there is something for every sports fan.

6. Foodie Options

Tons of delicious food options are everywhere on campus, not just in the union. From Einstein Bros Bagels to Radina’s, there is always something tasty to eat at KSU.

7. Tons of Activities

You will never struggle to find things to do when you are at KSU. There are tons of activities offered to make new friends and broaden your horizons.


8. Clubs

Like activities, there are a ton of clubs offered on campus. From the skydiving club to cultural clubs to sports clubs, the only question is…what clubs don’t we offer?

9. Convenience

Aggieville is within walking distance, so you always have easy access to the shops, eateries, and bars. There will be plenty to do on your downtime from studying.

10. Diversity

KSU students come from many different cultures and backgrounds. You can learn so much from simply talking to people. The campus diversity will prepare you for the real world after college!


11. Safety

KSU takes the safety of its students and faculty/staff very seriously. There are many services available to help everyone stay safe on campus.

12. Range of Degrees and Programs

With more than 250 majors and options, there is something for everyone at K-State. You can get one major, two, a major/minor combo, or maybe even a secondary major (which is a cross between a major and a minor). The possibilities are endless!

13. Financial Assistance

KSU has wonderful financial aid packages to offer students, as well as options even for those who do not qualify. The Financial Aid Office makes sure you get the funding you need to get an education.


14. Local Community

With the support of the Manhattan community, there are so many options and things open to students from the community. Discounts and specials are great for students on a limited budget.

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15. University Resources

KSU is not lacking in the resources department. Like activities and clubs, the resources are plentiful. There are resources for career help, academic help, just needing someone to talk to, even health problems. All you need to do is take advantage of them.


16. Small Yet Plentiful

KSU is located in Manhattan, KS, a city with a small town feel. People here are friendly and accepting. It is a great place to live and work.

17. Campus Housing

I have never experienced campus housing myself, but the buildings are wonderful on the outside and I have heard good things about them on the inside. They foster a sense of community with the dorm programs.



18. The Union

The Union is your one stop shop for all your needs on campus. From the Commerce Bank branch, to ATMs from other banks, eateries to lounging, printing to bowling. The Union is the place on campus for fun and hanging with friends.

19. Hale Library

As a lover of libraries, Hale is a book lover/ academics dream!

20. Impressive Rankings

“Kansas State University is recognized by the Princeton Review as one of America’s best colleges, and U.S. News & World Report lists the university among the top 75 public universities in the United States. Kansas State University is implementing an aggressive plan to become a top 50 public research university by 2025.”


–From the About page on K-State’s website.

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