20 Reasons Kent State is the Greatest School on Earth

There are SO many reasons why Kent State is the best school in Northeastern Ohio…and arguably in the whole world. When I made the decision to attend Kent, I knew it was the right decision. I mean, we are ranked in the top 50 best colleges in Ohio. If that doesn’t convince you, here are 20 reasons that will! Keep reading to fully understand why Kent State is the greatest.


1. The home-y campus feel.

Perfect for your home away from home right? You’ll feel safe and comfortable when you’re on campus. Not only that but it’s also a super easy area to get around.

2. Fashion, fashion, fashion.

Channeling all the fashion peeps out there! If you’re looking to pursue a career in that field, you’ve come to the right place.

3. One word: bagels.

Einstein’s Bagel Bros is located in the Hub. Go there once, and you’ll find yourself wanting breakfast for every meal.

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4. Black squirrels.

Fun fact: black squirrels originated at Kent. They’re the cutest squirrels you will ever see on your way to class!

5. Student media.

Kent has so many opportunities for you to get involved, whether that be writing for a magazine, having your own radio show or taking photographs for the Kent Stater.

6. President Beverly Warren.

We have hands down the best President. She truly cares about the success of her students. You’ll always see her around campus and feel her contagious energy.


7. Incredible performers.

Kent has had Wiz Khalifa, Hunter Hayes and even Amy Schumer come perform on campus. How could any school top that?!

8. Atmosphere.

Especially in the warmer weather, you’ll see everyone out and about on campus; you can really feel the college vibes.

9. The esplanade.

There’s a pathway that runs all the way downtown. It’s a perfect and easy way to get there!


10. Downtown.

Kent has a beautiful downtown, with so many places to eat, hang out, and take fun photos.

11. Dorm life.

Kent has specific dorms for your specific major, so if you want to meet more people in your major, you have the choice to live with them.

12. Big university, small town.

All and all, it’s a university surrounded by a small town. You get the true university feel, without it being too overwhelming.


13. Talented students.

You meet so many talented people at Kent State, ranging from artsy to pre-med students.

14. Distance to nearby cities.

Columbus, Cleveland, Akron, Youngstown, Pittsburgh… they’re all fairly close to Kent.

15. Friendly locals.

You’ll often see Kent locals walking their dogs. This can be really refreshing since animals aren’t common on campus, and chances are that you might miss your pup.

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16. Great professors.

The professors here are passionate about teaching and truly care about their students.

17. Welcome weekend.

It’s one of the best weekends at Kent, where you definitely meet your best friends.

18. Open minded people.

You see it all at Kent State, and it’s nice to have change every once in a while.


19. Meal plan.

You’ll never want to spend cash on food again.

20. Its reputation.

Kent State has an awesome reputation, and that can lead to many new opportunities!

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Featured image sources: oar.net, commons.wikimedia.org
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Allie Sarachene

Allie Sarachene is freshman at Kent State University, studying journalism and fashion media. Her dream job is to write for a fashion magazine in New York City. In Allie’s free time, you can find her drinking coffee, taking pictures or deciding what outfit she’s going to wear next.