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20 Reasons Georgetown Is The Greatest School On Earth

20 Reasons Georgetown Is The Greatest School On Earth

You will probably find GU to be pretty a-mazing (the greatest on earth). Here is a list of exactly why Georgetown should be everyone’s top choice.

Okay, so you’ve decided to go to the best school on the planet, or you’re looking to see if Georgetown is the right choice for you? Either way, you will probably find GU to be pretty a-mazing. Here is a list of exactly why Georgetown should be everyone’s top choice.

1. Beautiful Campus

Georgetown University’s campus is simply stunning. The Hogwart’s style architecture, elegance, and class gives the campus a dreamlike feeling. This is combined with hints of modern design to create a studious and advanced learning environment.

2. Exceptional Academics

The U.S. News and World Report ranks Georgetown University just shy of the top 20 colleges as #21 university on their 2016 National University rankings list, placing it very close to the academic rigor of the Ivies.


3. Location In DC

For anyone with a desire to learn in an active environment, Georgetown university is #goals. With the nation’s capital at your fingertips, you can explore an endless number of museums and restaurants, and catch the metro or train to travel!

4. Events In DC

Beyoncé concert, check! Presidential Inauguration, check! River paddle boating, check! There is nothing you can’t do when your are so close to downtown DC.

5. Food And Shopping In Georgetown

At Georgetown University, you are literally ten steps from some amazing shopping and exceptional food. Did some one mention the world famous Georgetown cupcakes store? No problem. It’s right down the street.


6. Brilliant And Social Students, And Beautiful People

All the students you see are not only extraordinarily smart at GU, they are also beautiful and social, making a perfect mix of work and play!

7. Jack, The Bulldog

Absolutely adorable and well loved, Jack the Bulldog’s presence at school events will never fail to bring a smile to your face!

8. Our Mascot Is So Unique

What’s a Hoya? Get used to the question. What other universities use ancient words as their name?


9. Basketball

Central to Georgetown athletic life, the basketball games are a must attend. The fans are extremely loyal and the action will never disappoint.

10. Community Of Hoyas

The Gerogetown community is unlike any other. We are small enough to have a close knit community, and big enough to have friends from all around the world.

11. Jesuit Values

The Jesuit values of the institution encourage good moral principles throughout the campus. But don’t worry if you aren’t religious; services are not mandatory, and people of every faith are greeted with a warm welcome at Georgetown.


12. The Four Seasons

Cherry blossom season being the most anticipated, the Northeast has a taste of all four seasons! Some winters are colder than others, and some summers hotter than the last, but the balance is a plus for anyone.

13. Class And Campus Size

At Georgetown University, most classes have less than 20 students, which allows students to get to know their professors and classmates for current and future connections. You can walk anywhere you need to go on campus in a matter of minutes; nothing requires an extensive 20 minute haul!

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14. Campus Services

Dorm, tutoring, health, and emergency services are all readily available at GU. Knowing that you are safe is a major plus. Not only are you safe, but extra help, like tutoring, can be a major bonus for some students.

15. Intelligent Professors

The professors are the best in their respective fields, and have an international mindset that is hard to come by at most universities.

16. Inspirational Speeches

Many political officials (think presidents, royals) make appearances as speakers at GU. Who knows? The girl living in the dorm next door may be a princess.


17. Access To The Nation’s Policy Makers

Ever wanted to go study in the Library of Congress? Or join social protests in front of national monuments to make a statement? Any day you want, these activities are available to you.

18. Internship, Study Abroad, And Volunteer Opportunities

The list of opportunities offered to Georgetown University students is infinite! Big corporations often recruit GU students for internships and Europe, South America, and Asia are some of the biggest study abroad locations at GU.

19. International Perspective

No other university offers so much in terms of an understanding of an international community. Between study abroad and being in the capital, it’s hard not to engage in some form of international relations.


20. Impressive Alumni Network

GU’s impressive alumni network is a huge bonus when it comes to internships and post-college hiring. Once a Hoya, always a Hoya! #HoyaSaxa

What are some other reasons that Georgetown is the greatest school on earth? Share in the comments below!
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