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20 Reasons CSUN Is the Best School on Earth

20 Reasons CSUN Is the Best School on Earth


Still deciding whether or not California State University Northridge is the right school for you? Look no further. We will show you just why CSUN is the BEST! Keep reading for 20 reasons CSUN is the best school on earth! 

1. The reasonably affordable tuition.

Unlike private schools with tuition exceeding $40,000 per year, CSUN only costs $6,582. Read more about it here!

2. The STARS Scholarships.

Through this program, CSUN connects you with scholarships that match your needs and qualifications! Read more about it here!



3.  Our Student Recreation Center.

Housed inside a 138,000 square foot facility, the eco-friendly gym promotes lifelong health and wellness with the most up-to-date equipment. Read more about it here!


4. Oasis Wellness Center

Here, CSUN students can find a moment of peace and quiet amid the hustle and bustle of campus life. How can you say no to nutrition counseling, meditation, massages, acupuncture, nap pods, and workshops focused on wellness and managing stress? Read more about it here!


5. Oviatt Library

Besides serving as a shooting location for numerous films and TV series (Star Trek, Sky High, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, etc.), CSUN’s four-story library is filled with a wide collection of 2.1 million volumes Read more about it here!

6. The Matador Bookstore.

If you need books, apparel/accessories, gifts/collectibles, supplies, or technology, this is the place to go! Plus, they always have the BEST sales. Read more about it here!


7. The many convenient places where you can study.

From the library to outdoor cafés, there are many ideal spots for last-minute cramming.


8. The Bianchi Planetarium.

Watch the night sky come alive in the 100-seat theater on a 40-foot dome with the Spitz-512 Star Projector. To order tickets, call the A.S. Box Office: 818.677.2488 [Monday – Friday: 10:00 A.M. – 6:00 P.M.] Read more about it here!

9. Our amazing dark rooms.

As a photography student, you will have FREE access to the CSUN dark rooms! Last semester, I took the beginner B&W film photography class, ART 250, and learned how to develop/print photographs. It was one experience I will never forget!


10. The Creative Media Studio.

As a space for student audio/visual design and production, it features eight 27″ iMacs loaded with Pro Tools, Final Cut Pro and Adobe Creative Cloud software (reservable online). Attend workshops and check out cameras, lenses, mics, or other professional equipment for FREE! Just don’t forget to return them. Read more about it here!

11. The Cinematheque.

FREE classic films every Thursday? Yes, please. Read more about it here!


12. Our Educational Seminars.

Depending on your major, CSUN offers a wide variety of seminars with successful professionals ranging from producers to politicians. Always check your school email for important announcements!


13. The discounts at the Valley Performing Arts Center!

Known as the heart of the San Fernando Valley, the 1,700-seat theatre offers a “vibrant and diverse performance program of nearly 50 classical and popular music, dance, theater, family, and international events.” The best part? CSUN students only pay $12Read more about it here!

14. The many cool events offered on campus.

From the Summer Movie Fest to Matador Nights, the CSUN campus is alive and well with FUN! Read more about it here!

15. Our Farmer’s Market!

Every Tuesday, CSUN hosts a farmers market with the best in organic produce, flowers, crafts, and artisanal goods. Read more about it here!

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16. The delicious restaurants on campus.

One of the most difficult decisions is choosing where to eat! With numerous restaurants including Subway, Panda Express, Burger King, El Pollo Loco, Juice It Up, Pub Sports Grill, Orange Grove Bistro, and-my personal favorite-The Arbor Grill, your stomach will be more than satisfied. Read more about it here! 


17. Our five Freudian Sip locations.

Speaking of delicious, you can get your java fix from one of CSUN’s five Freudian Sip locations. They have the BEST vanilla lattés! I know from experience. Read more about it here! 


18. Our very own orange grove?

Did you know CSUN has a five-acre orange grove with 400 mature Valencia orange trees? Enjoy the sweetest fruit by a peaceful pond-just don’t feed the fish and turtles. Read more about it here! 



19. Our diversity.

CSUN prides itself in promoting diversity! Latino students comprise 40% of undergraduate students. Women make up about 55%. Approximately 30% are first-generation college students and 50% are from low-income families. Furthermore, the campus enrolls the largest number of international students attending a public comprehensive university! Within the CSU system, CSUN offers one of the largest and most diverse selections of ethnic studies. Students have the opportunity to learn about programs like Africana, Asian American, American Indian, Jewish, Middle Eastern and Islamic, and queer studies.


20. The actually really great professors.

With over 2,000 faculty members, CSUN provides students with the opportunity to learn from a wide range of educated professionals.

You will get…



No school is perfect. It is up to you to make the most of every opportunity available!

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